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PMP Certification Value Mauritius: A Detailed Guide


PMP Certification Value MauritiusDid you know that, out of an estimated 19 million Project Managers worldwide, only 6 percent hold the Project Management Professional credential?

Wherein there are 10,000+ Project Managers in Mauritius.

Project management professionals (PMPs) have a lot riding on PMP certification Mauritius since it provides not only global recognition for the individual but also the finest Project Management practices for their own organizations and communities.

According to PMI, PMPs may expect to get a 22% increase in salary compared to their non-certified counterparts.

Across South Africa, salaries have increased by an impressive 58%.

                                                      Image source: PMI – Project Management organization

What is PMP Certification?

The Project Management Professional (PMP) credential is widely recognized as the gold standard for Project Managers and those seeking to enter the field of Project Management. The Project Management Institute (PMI) in the United States is in charge of and administers the PMP exam.

What are the subjects and topics that you will learn as a PMP aspirant for PMP Certification value Mauritius?

  • Lesson 1:  Creating a Skilled Group

Creating a skilled group will enhance the outcome of the project team. All of this is possible due to the coordination between the team members who use their skillsets to bring out the best in each others and come to a common and successful decision!

  • Lesson 2:  Beginning the Project

The aim of this phase is to define the project and the

The goal of this phase is to define the project, develop a business case for it, and get it approved. Thus, during this time, the project manager may do any of the following: Perform a feasibility study.

  • Lesson 3: Following through the work


  • Lesson 4: Keeping the Team on Track


  • Lesson 5: Keeping the Business In Mind


Eligibility Criteria for PMP Certification? 

To apply for PMP Certification you require the following for individuals who hold a :

A 4-year degree or its global equivalent would need:

  • A total of 3 years (36 months) of project management experience.
  • 4500 hours of Leading, directing, or managing and Project.
  • 35 contact hours of Project Management education.


A Secondary degree:

  • A total of 5 years (60 months) of project management experience.
  • 7500 hours of Leading, directing, or managing Projects.
  • 35 contact hours of Project Management education.


PMP Certification Cost

The exam fee for the PMP Certification exam is $405 for PMI members and $555 for non-members. The Re-Examination fee is $275 for PMI members and $375 for non-members. The different PMP memberships for different individuals are available on the official PMI website, make sure to check it out and choose the best one that suits you!

How PMP Certification Will Help PMP Aspirants for PMP Mauritius Value Mauritius? 

        1. Global Recognition

The Project Management community considers PMI accredited PMP Certification to be one of the premier Certifications. A PMP Certified person joins the elite group of Project practitioners. PMP aspirants need to renew the certification every 3 years by earning 60 PDUs. Once you are PMP Certified, you have a huge scope of global networking. LinkedIn has around 12 million Project Managers globally and more than 100 Project Managers based in communities and groups.

      2. Career Growth 

A lot of Project practitioners get stuck with their Project management career. PMP Certification helps them to get in the limelight and get highly recognized for any future Projects. PMP Certified Professionals get growth in the Project Management field and get career options like Senior Project Manager, Project Director, PMO, Program Manager, Senior Program Manager, and more. Project Managers with PMP Certified get plenty of opportunities when it comes to Projects and bigger opportunities compared to Non-PMP Certified practitioners.

      3. Better Project Success rate & Skills

Apart from recognition, a PMP Certified individual learns the best Project Management practices. While preparing for the PMP Certification an aspirant gets to learn about the 10 Knowledge areas which are now known as the Performance Domains. They are Project Integration Management, Scope Management, Schedule Management, Cost Management, Quality Management, Resource Management, Risk Management, and more.

PMI reports that, on average, 14% of projects are rated unsuccessful across all sectors. Therefore, Project Management Professionals with PMP certification are always assigned the highest-quality projects.

     4. Better Salary

Project managers’ salaries typically increase by 25% to 60% once they acquire their PMP certification, depending on their area. Salary levels for Project Managers are not uniform across the board of project experience.

The average salary for a Project Manager, Information Technology (IT) is Rs 1,764,000 OR MUR 9,87,618 in Mauritius – Payscale

How to get started with the PMP Certification Mauritius?

PMP Training in Mauritius comprises of four important components which can make any PMP aspirant’s life easier.

    1. Choosing the right institute 

Always select a PMI-based premium ATP training partner registered with REP ID. If you are searching for the right institute to go to, then you have come to the right place since ProThoughts Solutions is the best one to go to for PMP certification training. There are multiple players in the market and choosing the right one just makes the whole preparation easier.

   2. Recognized Instructor

One of the important factors while choosing the right institute also includes choosing the best training instructor. There would be a lot of practitioners who would be training while working. We would rather suggest going with the In-house instructor since they would be available to guide you accordingly even during the post-training period. Look for better reviews for professors who can focus individually and guide you during the exam preparation as well as after the exam prep!

   3. Choosing the best material

PMP exam preparation completely relies on the material an aspirant chooses to prepare. Although most of the PMP Training provider institute provides you with the PMI-based PMBOK guide, still PMP aspirants find Rita Mulcahy’s material as an add-on material which makes them easy to understand the Project Management concepts easier and thus, makes them clear the exam on their first attempt.

   4. Post Training support and PMP Exam Simulators

Once a PMP aspirant completes the training, he/she needs to prepare a calendar for the preparation of his PMP Exam. While you practice your PMP Exam questions with the Mock exams you would also require assistance and remarks from the Instructor which can help you to push ahead with your Examination. So, once you get to see good results in the PMP Mock exam you can go ahead with choosing the dates to appear for the PMP Exam. An aspirant needs to register with PMI for the examination and thus, would require assistance from the support team.

   5. PMP Certification Renewal

So, your journey doesn’t end with acquiring PMP Certification from the PMI. Since it comes with a validity of 3 years, it is easy for the PMP Certified aspirants to renew the Certification as well. Getting proper support from ProThoughts Solutions will help you earn the 60 PDUs which is necessary for renewing the PMP Certification.

Webinars, blogs, Videos, as well as PMI-based certification, and other contributions toward Project Management with the help of experts who will guide you to get your PMP Certification renewed.

Upcoming PMP Certification Training in Mauritius

Name Date & TimeOnline
April Batch (4 Days – Weekend) – PMP Online

27th, 28th Apr & 4th, 5th May 2024
8:45 AM to 6 PM, MUT
Know More

So, PMP Aspirants have various Modes of learning as well, given as follows:

  • Classroom Training
  • Online learning
  • Elearning

Since PMP Certification is one of the most necessary certifications, you can also yield the best results and benefits once you gain the certification.

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