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Refer your friends to ProThoughts Solutions.
Avail gift vouchers upto MUR 2000 & upto 50% off for any of the ProThoughts based courses and products. Also, your friends can earn discounts up to MUR 7000 for the courses. Share the gift of education!
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Frequently Asked Questions

• How can I refer my friends/contacts?

Sign up for the ProThoughts Refer and Win program. You can refer your connections by entering their contact detail one at a time or by sharing your referral links via social media. 

• Do I get rewards every time a friend signs up?
• How do I get my gift cards/vouchers?
• Do my friends need to use a special coupon code?
• Will I get referral credit if a friend/connection already exists in prothoughts database?
• Do I need to be a ProThoughts customer to refer my friends?

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