Activity Based Learning is one of the most effective ways of learning. At ProThoughts Solutions, we use this fact to make our trainings highly effective by using “Game Based Learning Approach”. Since 2014, we have been using this approach and it has been very successful. This we can say based on the feedbacks of our customers and their results in the certification exams. Actions speaks more than words.

Games can be in the form of activities, exercises, puzzles, questionnaires, case studies etc. They can be generic or specific to one particular topic as well.

Trainees who attend our training programs are individuals from corporates across industries and geographies. Many of them are in senior positions in their organizations and looking forward to gain knowledge and/ or get certified as well. For that, our focus is to make the concepts easy to understand and every individual should be able to visualize them and correlate them practically.

Making the training more interactive and activity based help individuals to stay connected with the topic and enjoy it while learning. That becomes even more important when the topics are related with management and more theoretical. Hence it is extremely important for any training in Management including Project Management to be more Game Based, so that individuals are connected with the topic and gain the maximum out of the training

All our trainers are well aware of these facts and are trained accordingly to conduct the training programs as mentioned earlier.

A sample video from our PMP® (Project Management Professional) training workshop will be available to understand how it works.

For any further information, please feel free to write to [email protected]


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