Disciplined Agile Coach (DAC) Certification

This is another ultimate certification in the Discipline Agile journey, if you wish to be a coach. The Coach will be the expert authority to consult on Disciplined Agile.

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Disciplined Agile

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Course Details

Take your expertise to the ultimate level of Disciplined Agile and help transform your teams and organization to Agility. 

Disciplined Agile Coach (DAC) is the master level certification in the journey of Disciplined Agile. 

The Disciplined Agile Coach helps the organization inculcate Agility. He / She has the in-depth knowledge of the Disciplined Agile toolkit and uses a lot of techniques to bring about transformation in the organization’s journey to Agility. 

The Disciplined Agile Coach (DAC) certification helps the participants acquire the necessary skills to not only implement Agility using the Disciplined Agile toolkit but also help them with techniques as a Coach to successfully transform the organization to Agility. 

The DAC is a highly coveted certification in the space of Disciplined Agile and is geared for practitioners and experts, who wish to use the Disciplined Agile toolkit for better outcomes and higher efficiency for their teams and organizations

Pre-requisites for DAC certification

  1. The candidate should hold an active DASSM (Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master) certification 
  2. 3 years of agile coaching experience – this is advanced training and certification built to maximize leadership and directing of agile teams to effectively implement the Disciplined Agile tool kit.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn How to Coach Teams 
  2. How to inculcate and apply Disciplined Agile toolkit across the organization to achieve Agility
  3. Understand the soft nature of organization and focus on culture changes
  4. Learn techniques and tools to coach teams


DAC Take-aways

  • Learn how to align teams with organizational strategies and goals to enable agile transformation. 
  • Focus and Facilitate culture change and transformation within and across teams
  • Learn to coach disparate teams and groups of teams, often with different priorities and preferred WoWs, to identify the most appropriate way to work and learn together given the situation they currently face.
  • Learn to collaborate with different stakeholders and be a part of the core team for organization’s transformation journey 
  • Be the expert in the Disciplined Agile tool kit and accelerate process improvement by leveraging proven practices and strategies in context.
  • Be prepared to take the Disciplined Agile Coach (DAC) exam and earn a valuable, credible certification. Your exam fee is included in tuition.

Pre-workshop (Phase 1, asynchronous learning):

  • The Disciplined Agile Coach
  • Working toward the end goals of DA coaching
  • Supporting change at the individual, team, and groups of teams
  • Coaching teams within the context of their organization
  • Coaching teams through their transformation journey

Workshop (Phase 2, in-class learning):

  • The DA mindset
  • Working with your existing governance/PMO team
  • Identifying challenges and competencies
  • Determining improvement opportunities
  • Working with the improvement backlog
  • Creating a coaching playbook
  • Implementing guided continuous improvement (GCI)
  • Visualizing and removing impediments
  • Determining the root cause of issues
  • Supporting diversity in the workplace
  • Guiding teams through the change process
  • Overcoming barriers to decision making
  • Working with external teams – GCI across disparate teams
  • Helping your organization develop needed capacity

How Does the Course Work?

After purchasing your course, you will gain access to our NEW learning platform, providing course content, resources, study guides, videos and more!

How does that benefit me as a student?

  • Prepare ahead of time for your Instructor-led class.
  • Easily access exam study material and resources.
  • Instantly communicate with your Instructor.
  • Download your course certificates.




"We stress learning the concepts than rote learning, and we do so by our uniquely designed methodology where we focus on learning by fun method for the 35-hour intensive learning."


"We provide renowned study materials like RMLS (Rita Mulcahy Learning Solutions), Michel Thiry, etc. Besides the book, we also offer customized books, Flash Cards, Mind Maps, Online Mock tests. "


"Post the Training workshop we guide you with Mock exam analysis, a F2F concept clearing session with experts, Exam simulation support, PMI audit, Application form filling and handhold learners in their complete certification journey. "


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Eligibility Criteria

Join the Disciplined Agile Certification LinkedIn Group: Click here

Still wondering if you are eligible for the DA Certification? Check with our DA Eligibility Calculator





You need to be an active DASSM certified holder 

And, You need to have 3 years of Agile Coaching experience. This is a master level certification course and it will help you implement Agility for your team and organization with the help of Disciplined Agile toolkit 

Any practitioner or expert who wishes to implement Agility or someone who wishes to learn Agility at the highest level. The candidate can be from any domain and cannot be restricted to IT or a particular domain, as long as it fulfills the pre-requisites.

  1. You need to attend the ATP approved training for DAC 
  2. Prepare for the DAC using ProThoughts and PMI material 
  3. Appear for the exam 
  4. You are DAC certified 

The exam is of PMI standards and the syllabus is as per the PMI given material. There will be no question outside the syllabus.

Many organizations have started implementing Disciplined Agile for achieving Agility for their organizations. And there is dire need for the right talent including the Disciplined Agile Coaches. 

With time, we believe the demand will only rise manifold across the world. 

You get access to standard PMI courseware, as you had for the DASSM course. 

Further, Prothoughts provides their own courseware, as they did for DASSM course, which includes and not limited to

  1. 2 DAC Mock Tests on our PROmock platform 
  2. Supplementary Slidebook 
  3. Flashcards 
  4. Exam Tips and Guidelines 
  5. Mind-maps 


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