Disciplined Agile Coach (DAC) Certification

This is another ultimate certification in the Discipline Agile journey, if you wish to be a coach. The Coach will be the expert authority to consult on Disciplined Agile.

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DAC Certification Introduction

The DAC (Disciplined Agile Coach) certification is the ultimate certification in Disciplined Agile. The journey which begins with DASM (Disciplined Agile Scrum Master) ends with a DAC. Disciplined Agile is designed to make you a Coach rather than a Scrum Master. The Disciplined Agile Coach certification gives you the necessary ammunition to coach a team and interdependent teams and even at an organizational level. However, the DAC certification is just a start at making you a Master in Disciplined Agile.

DAC course is ideal for you if you want to coach and lead several teams, each of which may have different priorities and preferred ways of working (WoWs). Develop the ability to guide diverse teams and groups of teams in determining the best approach for them to collaborate and learn together based on the situation they are currently experiencing.

The Project Management Institute (PMI) has recognized ProThoughts as a Disciplined Agile Partner and a Premier Authorized Training Partner (ATP). PMI gives the Disciplined Agile Coach (DAC) Certification to practitioners who successfully complete the Disciplined Agile Coach Certification course and demonstrate their expertise by passing the exam.


What is an Agile Coach Certification?

Disciplined Agile is a toolkit that focuses on the choices that must be made, the available solutions, and the trade-offs that must be considered. The Agile Coach has a demonstrated capacity to guide teams on how to implement and advance Disciplined Agile across the organization, establish credibility with organizational leadership, and help teams and organizations select their way of working (WoW) and achieve core strategic agility. Disciplined Agile users have businesses that produce value more quickly, reach markets faster, and have happy customers.

The DAC Certification makes you a Super Coach than just a coach. It provides you with a superpower, as experts say, in the form of a Disciplined Agile tool kit and the various techniques to help deliver value to your customer.

What is the procedure to become a certified Disciplined Agile Coach (DAC)?

The following are the steps to obtain the DAC Certification

  • Attend the two-day Disciplined Agile Coach Training to receive from a PMI Authorized Training Partner.
  • Using the eligibility code you get from PMI, schedule your Agile Coach Certification Exam at a Pearson VUE testing facility or through the online proctored testing option.
  • Take the 120-minute online closed-book multiple-choice test.
  • Exam results are made available right away once the test is finished, and you can view them by selecting “View Score Reports” from your Pearson Vue Dashboard. The exam score report’s full extent of information is a “pass/fail” classification.
  • After passing the exam, you are officially a Certified Agile Coach.

Who offers the Disciplined Agile Coach (DAC) Certification?

PMI®  offers the Disciplined Agile Coach. The Project Management Institute, Inc. is the exclusive owner of all Disciplined Agile intellectual property (IP).

Study Material:

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn How to Coach Teams 
  2. Incorporating and implementing a disciplined Agile toolkit with the goal of achieving agility in the organization
  3. Focus on culture changes and understanding the soft nature of organizations
  4. Learn techniques and tools to coach teams

Pre-workshop (Phase 1, asynchronous learning)

  • The Disciplined Agile Coach
  • Pursuing the DA coaching’s end objectives
  • generating individual, team, and group-level transformation
  • The framework of their organization while coaching teams
  • Coaching teams through their transformation journey

Workshop (Phase 2, in-class learning)

  • The DA mindset
  • Working with your existing governance/PMO team
  • Identifying challenges and competencies
  • Determining improvement opportunities
  • Working with the improvement backlog
  • Creating a coaching playbook
  • Implementing guided continuous improvement (GCI)
  • Visualizing and removing impediments
  • Determining the root cause of issues
  • Supporting diversity in the workplace
  • Guiding teams through the change process
  • Overcoming barriers to decision making
  • Working with external teams – integrating GCI across a wide range of departments
  • Helping your organization develop the needed capacity

How does it work?

After purchasing your course, you will gain access to our NEW learning platform, providing course content, resources, study guides, videos, and more!

Does the Agile Certification course exam cost need to be paid separately?

No, the Agile Course Certification Cost for the exam is already included in the tuition fee.

What prerequisites are needed to attend the Disciplined Agile Coach workshop?

  1. The candidate should hold an active DASSM certification 
  2. This professional training and certification program is intended to help agile team leaders and managers lead their teams more effectively and make the most of the Disciplined Agile toolkit. A three-year experience in agile coaching is necessary.

What should I expect to achieve after completing the online DAC course?

  • Learn how to align teams with organizational strategies and goals to enable agile transformation. 
  • Focus and Facilitate culture change and transformation within and across teams
  • Learn to coach disparate teams and groups of teams, often with different priorities and preferred WoWs, to identify the most appropriate way to work and learn together, given the situation they currently face.
  • Learn to collaborate with different stakeholders and be a part of the core team for the organization’s transformation journey 
  • Be the expert in the Disciplined Agile tool kit and accelerate process improvement by leveraging proven practices and strategies in context.
  • Earn a valuable, credible certification by passing the Disciplined Agile Coach (DAC) exam. Fees for the exam are included in the tuition.

Additionally, you will be qualified to apply for the Agile coach Certification Exam after completing Agile Coach Online, and then you will be able to succeed in it with confidence. You can earn the DAVSC certification after passing the exam.

How long is the certificate valid?

The DAC Certification is valid for a year, after which you must renew it.

What are the Agile Coach Certification exam criteria and the passing score?

The DAC exam is conducted as follows:

  • Type of exam: online and closed-book
  • Type: Multiple-choice questions
  • 60 questions total
  • 70% is the minimum required score.
  • Duration: 120 minutes

The Agile Coach Certification exam contains a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before the exam begins with a duration of five minutes, a tutorial with a duration of ten minutes, and a post-exam survey with a duration of 15 minutes. There are 120 minutes allotted for the test.

There are no scheduled breaks during the DAC exam. An optional tutorial and survey that each takes between five and fifteen minutes to complete come before the test. The 3-hour examination period does not include the time needed to finish the tutorial and survey.

Is it possible to pass the Disciplined Agile exam without finishing the training workshop?

To take the exam, you must finish the instructor-led or on-demand training session. The eligibility code required to schedule your exam will be provided to you after the workshop is finished.

How many times can I apply to take the test again if I fail?

A 45-day waiting period will be in place before you are once more eligible if you attempt three unsuccessful exams in a 12-month period. A new set of three exam tries are given to candidates after the 45-day waiting period, this time within a 12-month exam eligibility term.

PMI recommends that candidates use the Community of Practice and offered course materials to study for the exam during the 45-day waiting period. From the MyPMI certification dashboard on pmi.org, you can submit payment for the exam.

About ProThoughts

The ProThoughts DAC workshop is an engaging, game-based, interactive training session with lots of activities to keep you interested and gain new material. You will learn the skills you need from these sessions to apply the principles in the workplace and, of course, to ace the DAC Certification test.

Currently, ProThoughts is the only one in entire Asia, the Middle East, and Africa to offer the DAC and DAVSC certification. And Ashish Sadekar is one of the 10 global DAC instructors who provide DAC certification training. 

As part of our post-training support program, the lead instructor delivers sessions to help students get their doubts answered. To help the students pass the Agile Course Certification Exam, we also give them a well-organized exam plan.

Learn how to facilitate agile transformation by taking an Agile Course Training and understanding how to connect teams with company strategy and goals.




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  1. The candidate should hold an active DASSM (Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master) certification 
  2. 3 years of agile coaching experience – this is advanced training and certification built to maximize leadership and directing of agile teams to effectively implement the Disciplined Agile tool kit.

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January Batch (2 Days Weekend) – DAC Online Training Workshop

  • Date : 20th & 21st Jan 2024
    Time: Sat and Sun - 2.30 pm to 10.30 pm IST

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1. Free Career guidance
2. If you are eligible to apply for the Certification
3. Avail best offers available

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Download PMI – DAC Exam Content Outline




You need to be an active DASSM certified holder 

And, You need to have 3 years of Agile Coaching experience. This is a master level certification course and it will help you implement Agility for your team and organization with the help of Disciplined Agile toolkit 

Any practitioner or expert who wishes to implement Agility or someone who wishes to learn Agility at the highest level. The candidate can be from any domain and cannot be restricted to IT or a particular domain, as long as it fulfills the pre-requisites.

  1. You need to attend the ATP approved training for DAC 
  2. Prepare for the DAC using ProThoughts and PMI material 
  3. Appear for the exam 
  4. You are DAC certified 

The exam is of PMI standards and the syllabus is as per the PMI given material. There will be no question outside the syllabus.

Many organizations have started implementing Disciplined Agile for achieving Agility for their organizations. And there is dire need for the right talent including the Disciplined Agile Coaches. 

With time, we believe the demand will only rise manifold across the world. 

You get access to standard PMI courseware, as you had for the DASSM course. 

Further, Prothoughts provides their own courseware, as they did for DASSM course, which includes and not limited to

  1. 2 DAC Mock Tests on our PROmock platform 
  2. Supplementary Slidebook 
  3. Flashcards 
  4. Exam Tips and Guidelines 
  5. Mind-maps 

The DAC has a SuperpowerJ with the DA toolkit and internalizes the DA mindset. The DA Coach often works with the Enterprise Coach to inculcate the Agility in Enterprise. However, the DA Coach main focus is on a team and the inter-dependencies of the team.

Kindly refer Prothoughts Youtube channel and this webinar 

DAC is focused on teams to help them solve problems and therefore, improve the Way of Working for a team. The DAVSC is focused on the organizational Value stream and transform the organization to Agility.

The DAC is a logical progression from DASSM to achieve mastery in Disciplined Agile

Yes. The DASM, DASSM and DAC are positioned as Shu, Ha and Ri. The beginner, the Intermediate and the Master. With DAC, you achieve the Mastery in Disciplined Agile.

The Disciplined Agile Coach certification is “An activity based certification” or “practical certification”. Most of the PMI certifications had theory, or guidelines, or framework, etc. However, the DAC certification tells you about a problem and the team needs to employ the toolkit to solve the problems.

And this approach helps the students to adopt the toolkit in their workplace and as a DAC take the tool-kit to solve complex problems and improve the Ways of Working.

The DAC is a Master level certification from Disciplined Agile. It is a natural progression from DASSM certification to make you a master in Disciplined Agile. The DAC certification workshop is a first step towards the same.

We would urge you to refer the webinar by John Munro and Ashish Sadekar.

Today organizations need Coaches rather than Scrum Masters who can improve the Ways of Working for a team. The whole Disciplined Agile certification is positioned to make you a Coach than a Scrum Master.

The Trainer for the Disciplined Agile Coach Certification will be Ashish Sadekar. Ashish has been the 1st certified DAC from India and has been revered coach and trainer for many years. He is also the 1st DAC instructor from India and one of his missions is to inculcate Agility and develop Coaches to improve the Way of Working for teams and organizations. He and Prothoughts closely collaborate with PMI India and PMI Global for Disciplined Agile.

You can listen to his Prod-cast here and get more insights on Disciplined Agile.

We request to join the Linkedin group – this is 2nd largest group on Disciplined Agile and focused on certifications and Disciplined Agile

The DAC exam is structured in the following way. If you wish to have more details, pl visit to download the report.

The DAC workshop will be a 3 day duration workshop and will involve a pragmatic learning with full of activities with Prothoughts Game based Interactive learning.

Upon completion of the three-day course, candidates are admitted into the exclusive DAC Community of Practice, which provides additional learning, exam preparation opportunities, and the DAC Case Study

Candidates will become eligible to register for the DAC exam upon completion of the DAC course. All DAC exams are delivered online through our testing partner, Pearson Vue.

You require 3 years of Agile experience to record in the Agile experience section of the application.

Enter your experience beginning with the most recent. The application will automatically calculate the total months from the start date to finish. Overlapping experience entries will not be calculated as separate entries. You will be prompted to complete the following fields: · Project/Product Name

  • Organization
  • Job Title
  • Functional Reporting Area
  • Organization Primary Focus
  • Team Size
  • Agile Methodology
  • Experience Description (high-level description summarizing the experience, including outcome, role, responsibilities, and deliverables – typical response: 200-500 words)

It takes approximately 5 business days to process the application.

PS: This processing timeframe does not apply if your application has been selected for PMI’s audit process

The DAC certification is valid for one year and can be renewed by earning & reporting 7 PDUs related to agile content and submitting the annual renewal fee.

ProThoughts help in earning your PDUs – kindly refer the PDU policy and ways to earn the PDUs 

Renewing your DAC Certification will require a payment based on membership and regional pricing PMI currently support U.S. dollar, euro, Brazilian real (BRL), and Indian rupee (INR) currencies.

Every student is given 3 attempts to clear the exam. You have a period of 1 year from the date of approval to clear the DAC exam

The DAC workshop covers the cost of 1 exam attempt.

If you need to retake the exam, and your eligibility period is still current, you may do so by submitting the reexam fee by accessing your candidate MyPMI profile on PMI.org.

PMI has the sole discretion to change the exam pattern. For the latest updates connect with our sales consultant.


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