The Information We Collect, the data we gather

When you utilize ProThoughts services, you are trusting us with your information. We completely understand this is a huge responsibility and we work hard towards protecting your data. We collect your name, contact details, city, and other data you provide.

How We Use Your Data

At the point when you make a record and profile on the ProThoughts, we collect your name, contact details, segment data, and other data you give, such as, descriptions that you think about or find intriguing. Your name, photograph, and whatever other information that you decide to add to your public-confronting profile will be accessible for review by the general audience and different clients of the ProThoughts site or some other outsiders application.

At the point when you speak with us through email or ProThoughts Platform, or else, we might keep a record of your Communication 

How We Share Your Data

Personal information provided via any medium or the ProThoughts website, might be utilized and disclosed to other business partners or entities during the operation of the ProThoughts Website, in order to provide products, services, etc requested and for promotional and other marketing purposes.

Only the personal information submitted by you to our Website/ Social Media for public posting, including Video or testimonials, might be made visible and available to ProThoughts based or owned online portals.

How We Keep Your Data Safe

ProThoughts does not control other websites that might contain link to this website. ProThoughts will not be responsible for the protection & privacy of any information or data provided on such third party websites, since these websites are not governed by our policies.

Copyrights & Proprietary Property

We provide you with study manuals and other study material, which are copyrighted proprietary property of ProThoughts Solutions and RMC. All copyrights related to any course study materials provided or made available by us or any other party during the program remain the only property of the holder of the copyright.

Hence, no part of any materials provided for any course might be reproduced, stored in a recapture system, or transmitted in any type or by any means, photocopying, electronic, recording, mechanical, or otherwise, or translated into any language, without our written consent prior. Any such storage, reproduction, or transmittal of copyrighted material constitutes a violation of the code of ethics and will be reported to PMI®, which will lead to suspension of your Credential.


ProThoughts Solutions might change their Privacy Statement at any time. Notice of any new or reconsidered Privacy Statement will be posted on the site after 15 days after the change or the privacy policy will be published on the prothoughts Solutions website. It is the obligation of customers returning to the Website to learn of changes to the Privacy Statement since their last visit. Any change to this Privacy Statement will be operable regarding any client who has visited any of the ProThoughts Solutions Websites before the change was made.

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