ProThoughts Solutions is a Professional Training Institute born to help professional improve their skills and suceed in their projects. Today, worldwide a whopping 68% of projects fail as per PMI pulse survey. Almost all projects spend a 9% of total cost is wasted with a lot of other intangibles resulting in customer dissatisfaction.

ProThoughts was conceptualized to eliminate these problems and deliver successful projects. Right from building awareness about project management, to providing rich content, to inculcate knowledge, or provide counselling solutions and tools to manage your projects, ProThoughts is trying to provide a whole lot of solutions in this space.

We have built a collaborative platform for all the practitioners, aspirants and experts of project management across the world.

ProThoughts Solutions as a Collaborative Platform:

ProThoughts Solutions was conceptualized as one stop professional training platform bringing all the aspirants, practitioners and experts together. The platform will offer various solutions curated by experts and consumed by the entire professional community. The various solutions currently that we provide are:

  • Learning Services
  • E-Learning
  • Online Training
  • Classroom Training
  • Corporate Training
  • Project Management Software
  • Consulting Services
  • E-Commerce (Project Management books)
  • Rich Content (Webinars, Vblogs, Blogs, Podcasts, News & Surveys, etc)
  • Resource Matching (Job Portal)
  • Counselling Services
  • A Global Player:

ProThoughts Solutions is truly a global player now. ProThoughts with its online offering has expanded to almost every geography in the world and with the customers from many nationalities. Further, it has expanded operations physically in 6 Cities in India, Mauritius (Africa) and Dubai (Middle East). Our aim is to provide world class solutions to every professionals in the world.

The ultimate goal we wish to achieve is to “Think Project Management, Think ProThoughts” – this is the maxim and that’s where we are growing the company slowly & steadily.

Our Team is what we it makes ProThoughts Solutions. It is handpicked team who has shown potential and most had been through the start of our journey. They understand the ethos of project management. The one thing we all have is the passion to make the company grow. The founders remain passionate about project management and love what they do.

At ProThoughts Solutions, every team member contributes to the company and see their individual impact of work. Needless to say, every team member enjoys their work and is their own boss. And therefore, the team performs and everyone is a key member right upto to the office boy. The Team is good as the captain and that’s what we live by.

At the same time, we at ProThoughts Solutions are not afraid to experiment and believe that frugality and necessity drives the invention and innovation.

We are a growing team with lot of diversity as well in terms of thoughts, roles, nationalities, genders and we pride ourselves with our own culture. Guess that’s what differentiates ProThoughts Solutions from the rest!

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