Kindly note that registration for a particular program cannot be considered guaranteed until & unless:

(a.) Full payment of the Program Charges is made within two (2) Days of the Registration and in any case before the program start date.

(b.) The candidate must have an explicit acknowledgement by a ProThoughts employee, via Email.

(c.) A cheque should be made in favour of “ProThoughts Solutions LLP” payable in Mumbai.

(d.) In case, you have chosen to pay by Cheque – Your Seat would be confirmed only upon successful realization of the Cheque i.e. when your Cheque/ OR ANY OTHER PAYMENT is cleared and we receive your funds in our account.

(e.) If a Cheque is returned for insufficient funds, we will allow Two (2) Business days for you to make full payment. An additional fee of INR 500/- will be charged for each returned Cheque.

(f.) Lack of payment for any reason whatsoever may result in collection proceedings and we reserve the right to notify about Course Transcript or Certificate has been suspended due to non-payment.

(g.) The Program Charges cover the registration/participation charges, and all other Program Deliverables in addition to snacks/lunch during Four (4)/ Nine (9) Days OR depending on the days of the Training Program.

(h.) Contact Hours/PDU's certificate will be issued once we receive the full payment.

(i) No refunds will be processed if the person pays the initial booking amount without informing the consultant.

**Access to the online training study materials for the course you have opted for will be given through our Prothoughts learning portal. The course materials to which you are opted for on the portal will be provided in view-only mode and you cannot download it (only required document will be given access to download); as per the company policy.

Access to e-learning content on the portal is available for 6 months, while access to recorded videos is limited to 3 months. On a special request we may extend to 2 more months.

Important Note
Ticket Category for your Registration

PMI has off late been working with a tiered pricing for its PMP & Disciplined Agile offerings which primarily reflects in the cost of complete student kit and related products being issued to participants through ATP’s like us. On account of this tiered pricing as per geography from which you are attending training and going to appear in the certification examination, our price to candidates is also categorized into following two broad categories:

Indians in India Participants
Outside India Participants

The same data is shared by us as an ATP with PMI on regular basis as per country details shared by you with us and PMI tracks you during various touchpoints of interaction between you and them and this also determines the training cost being offered to you. Hence in case of any deviation detected at later stage, you will be liable to not only pay the difference amounts in two training category costs, but may be liable for any other punitive action as deemed fit by PMI.


This will include registrant application to any of ProThoughts scheduled public classes, and where the registrant has already paid for the class. The below T&C would not apply to registrants signing up by way of a Purchase Order. All cancellations and reschedules must be notified over email.


Cancellation requests received post 24 hours of the booking amount would not be offered a refund. As a courtesy, we could allow you to apply 50% of your payment towards a future training program within one year of the cancellation date. Cancellations 1-3 days prior to class and no-shows would not be offered a refund and the amount would not be credited to a future training.

Cancellation of program for which the candidate has paid the fees will result in forfeiture of the entire course fee. If a candidate cannot attend a booked course or examination, it is the candidate’s responsibility to inform ProThoughts by email as soon as possible Reschedules request received 7 days prior to the class date, no reschedule charge will be levied. He/she would be credited to a future training date.

Reschedules request received less than 2 days, there will be a rescheduling fee of INR 4000 levied and remaining amount (in case full amount paid) would be credited to a future training. Cancellation of postponed program will result in forfeiture of the entire course fee.


ProThoughts reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a class at any time, any particular program due to inclement weather, instructor illness, insufficient enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances. Having said that, we understand & appreciate your commitment to Certification Exam and as such, we will make all reasonable efforts to reschedule a cancelled program or make alternate arrangements to provide you with training. You have the option to re-schedule the program or enroll for similar program available at another time or choose to obtain a full refund All refunds are processed in Fifteen (15) business days from the scheduled program end date.

100% Pass – Money Back Guarantee Terms

If you are not able to CLEAR the Certification Examination on your First Attempt we will: - a) PAYBACK your Training Fees (Study Material & other Administrative Charges will be deducted) b) Analyze your Exam Results c) Provide Web-based/Phone based coaching for Certification Examination


  1. You must take the  Certification Examination within 45 Days after the Last day of the Training Session
  2. You must completed the entire training as per the schedule without any interruption. In case, you are not able to attend the 2/4/6/8 Days Training program at once: 100% Pass – Money Back Guarantee stands null & void
  3. You have to attempt all the Online Mock Exams provided and get it reviewed by ProThoughts team prior to appearing for the main Certification Exam.

Candidates who have taken PMP Certification training from ProThoughts before 2nd January 2021

(a.) All the recordings and Mock exams assigned OR given before 2nd January 2021 are outdated content and would not suggest to refer or use that for the exam preparation. We would request to contact our assigned consultant to get the updated content. (b.) To avail of the latest Mock exams based on the New pattern, you need to contact our support or the assigned consultant. You need to pay additional for the PMP based Mock Exams. You can always reach our support team at +91-8422907604 for any support queries.

E- learning (Paid Participant)

This will include registrant application to any of our listed e-learning programs. All cancellations must be notified over email.

Additional condition:

a. In case of any on demand hard copy of the material by any candidate, the courier charges to deliver will be levied on the candidate itself. b. Contact Hour Certificate will be On-Hold/Will not be issued till you complete the Scheduled Training Program. For any question or concerns about this policy, please e-mail ProThoughts on [email protected] or contact on +91 84229 07604

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