Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant (DAVSC) Certification

The Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant programme teaches participants how to use value stream management to design a customised strategy that will help any company deliver value to clients more quickly.

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Modes Of Learning

  • Online Learning

    Interact with the instructor and the participants on a live basis, but through online medium.

Course Details

Agility is becoming a competitive advantage with many organizations. Today, in fact, it has become a survival instinct.However, many organizations do not know how to inculcate agility in their projects and achieve that competitive advantage. DAVSC (Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant) Certification is the 1st step towards achieving Organizational Agility. 

The DAVSC is an incredible combination of Lean and Agile methodologies, and brings many Lean practices such as Flow, ToC (Theory of Constraints)  and many such more practices which help to streamline the Value stream of the organization and minimize waste, and thereby achieve Agility. 

The DAVSC workshop, as any Prothoughts workshop, is an Interactive Game based workshop, filled with activities and exercises to keep you engaged and learn new knowledge. Prothoughts workshops helps you with an idea to apply the concepts in your workplace and of course, to crack the DAVSC certification exam. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Where and how to start practicing Agility in your organization. 
  • Be equipped to tailor an organization’s improvement plan based on their unique needs, while also paying attention to their culture.
  • Accelerate the realization of value by your customers at scale.
  • Identify the most effective practices for each situation with the help of the DA tool kit—whether it be a new Agile transition or continuing a stagnated SAFe or Spotify approach.
  • Be able to train an organization to continue to improve on their own.


Course Outline

  • Introduction: The Disciplined Agile Mindset
  • Lesson 1: Value Stream Consultant: Role and Work
  • Lesson 2: The Idealized Value Stream
  • Lesson 3: Removing Delays in the Workflow
  • Lesson 4: The Minimum Business Increment
  • Lesson 5: The Discovery Workflow and the Development Intake Process
  • Lesson 6: Value Flow Planning and Coordination
  • Lesson 7: Working with a Common Cadence and Synchronization
  • Lesson 8: End of Increment Activities and Reducing, Not Accommodating Dependencies
  • Lesson 9: Factors for Effective Value Streams
  • Lesson 10: Value Creation Structure
  • Lesson 11: Agile Budgeting and Lean Funding
  • Lesson 12: Creating Visibility Across the Organization
  • Lesson 13: Key Roles
  • Lesson 14: The Disciplined Agile Playbook

Course Requirements

How it Works:

  • Sign up for our 3-day equivalent training with one of our authorized Disciplined Agile partners.
  • Complete the course and attain the DAVSC Trained badge.
  • Accept the invitation to the exclusive DAVSC Community of Practice, where you will gain additional resources and support as you start to practice the skills you learned and prepare for certification.
  • After 3 months of membership and practice in the community, you will be eligible to register for the DAVSC exam. The DAVSC exam fee is included in the course tuition.
  • Pass the exam and claim your DAVSC Certified badge.
  • The certification is valid for one year and can be renewed upon expiry.

PDUs: 21

CEUs: 2.1

Level: Senior




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2 days Weekend DAVSC Training Online

  • Date : 28th & 29th Jan 2023
    Time: Sat and Sun- 2.30pm to 10.30pm IST

Instructor – Ashish Sadekar

Check with our Consultant for

1. Free Career guidance
2. If you are eligible to apply for the Certification
3. Avail best offers available

Contact: Mr. Siddhant Bitla

WhatsApp us: +91-8422907604
Email id : [email protected]


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The fee includes 

  1. The PMI courseware 
  2. Exam Fee 
  3. Prothoughts Supplementary material
  4. Prothoughts Training (Instructor led Online Workshop)
  5. Post Training Support 

ProThoughts is a global leader when it comes to Disciplined Agile. ProThoughts is one of the largest content providers of Disciplined Agile. Our Trainer is one of the 1st ones to achieve the master level certification of Disciplined Agile. ProThoughts is a premier ATP partner and authorized to conduct the DAVSC workshop. 

Yes. You need to be a DASSM (Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master) Certified to attend the DAVSC workshop.

We offer Post Training support where the lead Instructor offers Doubt Clearing sessions to help students clear their doubts. Also, we have a structured exam strategy which is shared with the students to crack the DAVSC exam. The exam strategy is a proven methodology and has many of our customers 

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A disciplined agile  uses agile coaching skills and advanced discipline agile knowledge to enable teams in any part of an organization to independently improve their ways of working by embracing the DA mindset and applying the DA tool kit. Disciplined Agile Coach acquires the ability to universally recognize and apply the mindset to any circumstance and challenge. It helps the team to be self-organizing, self-learning, and self-improvement and therefore helps them to adapt to any change that can happen to their team and the organization.








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