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Disciplined Agile from PMI, the world largest body of project management and with 50 years of completion, gives the freedom of choice to bring Business Agility for organization.
1. Disciplined Agile is a Tool-kit and not a framework.
2. It gives different options to adopt the best process for your organization.

Disciplined Agile

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Disciplined Agile from PMI, the world largest body of project management and with 50 years of completion, gives the freedom of choice to bring Business Agility for organization.

Disciplined Agile is a Tool-kit and not a framework, which gives different options to adopt the best process for your organization. Disciplined Agile gives you different life-cycle options to choose from, right from Scrum to Lean and even the traditional waterfall methodology.

Disciplined Agile is a comprehensive tool-kit and encompasses all the different Agile practices available to bring Business Agility in your projects and organizations. Disciplined Agile has done all the heavy lifting of taking the best of the Agile practices and developed a tool-kit so that the businesses succeed early than later and give a better quality at a low cost.

Let’s explore and discover the fascinating world of Disciplined Agile.

Disciplined Agile offers different level of competencies, from a beginner level to the highest level of expertise. In Japanese, it is called Shu-Ha-Ri. The “Shu” is the one who follows the rules – the Beginner and Disciplined Agile gives the DASM certification for the same (Disciplined Agile Scrum Master).

The “Ha” is the one who tries to make his own rules as he attains the mastery – The Intermediate. And Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master (DASSM) is the certification for the same.

And the Ri- The Master where you can do Disciplined Agile Coach (DAC) and Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant (DAVSC).

All the certifications and their details are given on separate pages and you can check the details of each certification in the Disciplined Agile journey.

The Disciplined Agile Roadmap and journey is given below.

  • The first step in the certification journey is the course on “Disciplined Agile Scrum Master”(DASM). With this certification, you becomes a Certified DASM and increase your knowledge, skills and employability factor. The word “Scrum Master” has been added as this certification is a lethal combination of Scrum, Lean and Disciplined Agile foundation principles. Another important factor of having “Scrum Master” is that it increases your employability factor and you have higher chances of landing up the dream job in Agile space. Know more about itAs you attain mastery on Scrum, you need to grow and try new things and implement Agile across the organization.  You are eligible for “DASSM” – Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master. This further elevates your knowledge and skill, and prepares you to be master in the Agile space. The details of this course and its content can be checked here.The next step in the certification journey is to attain the mastery in Disciplined Agile with Disciplined Agile Coach and Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant. These are the highest levels of Disciplined Agile Certification journey.

    Please note that you need to be a DASSM to take this next step.

    However, the courses for DAC (Disciplined Agile Coach) and Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant has not yet commenced. We will update this section as soon as more information is available. Hopefully it will be in the 1st quarter of 2021.

    In essence, the following are the certification courses available from Disciplined Agile.

    1st Level – Certfiied Disciplined Agilist Scrum Master (DASM)

    2nd Level – Certfied Disciplined Agilist Senior Scrum Master (DASSM)

    3rd Level – Certified Disciplined Agile Coach (DAC) – yet to commence.

     Certified Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant (DAVSC) – yet to commence.


Disciplined agile – Game changer in this Agile world? – ProThoughts Webinar

Disciplined Agile is known to be a GameChanger in the Project Management industry. This DA Video Series will not only help you drive your knowledge better but will also help you to become the truly disciplined agilist in yourself!

Let us all hear it from ProThoughts DA Expert, Mr Saurabh Parikh about everything related to Disciplined Agile.

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"We give famous materials like RMLS (Rita Mulcahy Learning Solutions), Mike Griffith, Michel Thiry, etc. other than the book, we provide Flash Cards, Mind Maps, Online Mock tests, Indigenously arranged Hand Out slides which help to crack the exam in one go."


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"Our instructors have a very huge number of expertise which will help you get insights. They will give you an individual assistance by guiding you with all the career development aspects. "



December Batch (2 Days – Weekend) – Disciplined Agile

  • Date : 12th & 13th December 2020
    Time: Sat and Sun - 2.30pm to 10.30pm IST

Check with our Sr. Consultant for

1. Free Career guidance 
2. If you are eligible to apply for the Certification
3. Avail best offers available

Contact: Mr. Jeffry Joly 

WhatsApp us: +91-99878 88998
Skype id: prothoughts_team

Important Note:

For freshers or people with no experience in Agile(Scrum) and Lean can opt for a paid additional 2-day course which will teach them ‘Foundations of Agile’ and ‘Foundations of Lean’

Date: 10th & 11th December 2020

Time: 7:30 PM -11:30 PM, IST

6:00 PM to 10 PM, UTC+4


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  • Eligibility

    There are six certifications necessary to do to become a Disciplined Agilist.

    Join the Disciplined Agile Certification LinkedIn Group: Click here

    Still wondering if you are eligible for the DA Certification? Check with our DA Eligibility Calculator

    Below are the 6 Disciplined Agile Certifications list and all the details required from the PMI website. 


    Disciplined Agile Scrum Master (DASM) Certification

    "Certified Discipline Agilist Scrum Master (DASM) is a new recognition in the world of Agile. It gives the lethal combination of Scrum, Lean and Disciplined Agile concepts in a single class, which makes implementation of Agile in your workplace more effective. It encompasses the entire Agile landscape currently available and provides options and trade-offs to bring agility to your business. It has been observed that many of the Agile practices may not be relevant because every team is unique and every situation is unique."

    Course Details

    Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master (DASSM) Certification


    DASSM certification will equip you to lead the Agile team and / or multiple agile teams and will help you with taking more complex initiatives for your organization. With DASSM, you are on your way to master the agile mindset and adopt Scrum and Lean approach using DA toolkit to choose your WoW(Way of Working) for better outcomes.

    Course Details

    Certified Disciplined Agile Practitioner (CDAP)

    "This is a path developed towards Certfied Discipline Agile Instructor / Coach (CDAI / CDAC) if you have achieved PMI-ACP certification from PMI. If you have PMI-ACP certification already, and if you have achieved the Certified Discipline Agilist (CDA), you can get CDAP (Certfiied Discipline Agile Practitioner) easily."

    Course Details

    Certified Disciplined Agile Instructor (CDAI)

    "This is the ultimate certification in the Disciplined Agile journey. If you wish to be a trainer, you need to achieve the Certified Discipline Agile Instructor (CDAI) certification."

    Course Details

    Certified Disciplined Agile Coach (CDAC)

    "This is another ultimate certification in the Discipline Agile journey, if you wish to be a coach. The Coach will be the expert authority to consult on Disciplined Agile."

    Course Details




    Disciplined Agile (DA) is a process-decision toolkit that provides straightforward guidance to help people, teams, and organizations to streamline their processes in a context-sensitive manner.  DA is the most comprehensive agile and lean body of knowledge in existence.  It can be used as a toolkit to help you to choose the way of working (WoW) for the unique situation that you find yourself in.  DA is a people-first, learning-oriented hybrid agile approach to IT solution delivery. It has a risk-value delivery lifecycle, is goal-driven, and is enterprise aware.  DA describes how to effectively combine strategies from Scrum, Agile Modeling, Extreme Programming, Kanban, Agile Data, SAFe, and many others in a tailorable and scalable manner.  For a quick introduction to Discipline Agile watch Disciplined Agile in a Nutshell - An animated overview of Disciplined Agile (9 min).

    DA provides a solid foundation for business agility by showing how the various activities such as Solution Delivery (software development), IT Operations, Enterprise Architecture, Portfolio Management, Security, Finance, Procurement, and many others work together. DA also describes what these activities should address, provides a range of options for doing so, and describes the trade-offs associated with each option

    We're seeing a lot of organizations that are struggling with SAFe are now investing in getting their people trained and certified in DA so that they can effectively evolve SAFe to meet the needs of the situation that they face.  So, in that respect DA and SAFe complementary.  The philosophy is DA is to start where you are, do the best that you can in the situation that you face, and always strive to improve. So, if SAFe is what you're currently doing, then that's the starting point and DA will help you to improve from there.

    Of course, we're also seeing organizations start with DA, to begin with and thereby avoid the cost of adopting a framework that doesn't fit their situation well. So, in that way they're competitors. Every organization follows their path, and hope that eventually, they come to realize that DA is the better path to take them into the future.

    Yes! In Disciplined Agile, the philosophy is to start where you are, do the best that you can in the situation that you face, and always strive to improve.  So instead of making a huge, and often risky, change to the way of working (WoW) you could instead choose to make small, safe improvements over time.  We call this approach Guided Continuous Improvement (GCI).

    The DA toolkit is architected into four views:

    Mindset. Builds on the foundations of agile and lean to address enterprise realities.
    People. Roles, responsibilities, and team structures.
    Flow. This captures the dynamic aspects of processes via lifecycle diagrams and workflow diagrams.
    Practices. Small strategies/techniques. Goal diagrams are a high-level pick list of practices.

    Disciplined Agile, originally Disciplined Agile Delivery, was developed within IBM Rational, an effort led by Scott Ambler.  DAD was based on empirical observations made by Scott, Mark Lines, other IBMers, and several IBM business partners.  These observations of what was occurring in practice, how well it was working, and in what situations it was working were first captured in articles, blog postings, and courseware.  This effort culminated in the book Disciplined Agile Delivery: A Practitioner's Guide to Agile Software Delivery in the Enterprise, published in June 2012.  Since 2012, the DAD has evolved into a comprehensive agile and lean toolkit called Disciplined Agile (DA).  The toolkit is described as in-depth at

    As of 01 August 2019, all Disciplined Agile intellectual property (IP) is owned by the Project Management Institute, Inc.

    For more information about DA, visit the Resource pagesDisciplined Agile, and read the latest three books on Disciplined Agile.  There is also a DAD FAQ.

    The Disciplined Agile Consortium, operations by Project Management Institute Inc., is the governing body for certification in Disciplined Agile (DA). We help other organizations to offer training and certification services to those requesting to become certified instructors, coaches and partners.  We provide information on curriculum, certification, an online directory, and resources to support Disciplined Agile activities.

    The Disciplined Agile Consortium was created by founding members Scott Ambler and Mark Lines in early 2013.  Since then, more than 600 workshops have been facilitated for more than 12,000 practitioners representing over 100 businesses. Disciplined Agile is recognized as the most successfully adopted agile toolkit. 

    Yes.  To keep up to date on the latest news sign up for the monthly newsletter

    For information on having the teams increase their knowledge and advance skills by becoming certified have them visit the free Resources.

    We have a growing list of authorized partners that offer training, coaching, and consulting services to help the organization benefit from Disciplined Agile.

    Disciplined Agile Certification is for agile professionals working in enterprise-class settings such as banks, insurance companies, retailers, and government agencies.  You’re not working in ideal situations – you have legacy cultures, legacy systems, and legacy processes to overcome – but that doesn’t mean you can’t make things better.  You take pride in your work and you want to create environments where you can be effective, and you can do that by adopting Disciplined Agile strategies.  The Disciplined Agile Certification program is a principled approach based on the Shu-Ha-Ri philosophy of learning. 

    We believe that there is both value in and limits to certification. Any certification should clearly reflect the effort you had to invest to "earn" it.  Sadly, there are many agile certifications that do not reflect this approach - One can become a "certified master" after staying awake in a two-day workshop or a "professional" for passing an online test.  With us, if you take a course (Shu - Disciplined Agilist) or pass an online test (Shu - Certified Disciplined Agilist) you're recognized as a beginner.  Show that you have some experience and you're recognized as an intermediate (Ha - Certified Disciplined Agile Practitioner or Disciplined Agile Lean Scrum Master).  Prove that you have deep experience and are actively helping others to become better and you could become recognized as an expert mentor (Ri - Certified Disciplined Agile Coach).  If you have experience and are willing to share your passion, you could become a trusted Instructor (Ri - Certified Disciplined Agile Instructor).

    Certification in Disciplined Agile enables you to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. It helps practitioners increase knowledge, employability, and career options. Certification in Disciplined Agile tells the market place you understand how to deliver an agile solution from end-to-end with experience in enterprise-class development. 

    Certification in Disciplined Agile means something to clients and employers because it needs to be earned. For organizations, it is meaningful, forms the basis of measurable skills assessment, and is trustworthy.

    You need to first choose a certification level to apply for and then submit an application. For more information on the certification program refer to click here for a detailed description.

    Yes.  One of the aspects of the redesigned certification program is we give you credit for past experience and other certifications so that you do not have to start from the beginning.  The DALSM certification content is composed of various modules so that you can take the course that helps fill in the gaps in your knowledge to prepare for the certification test.

    Each test involves randomly selected, multiple-choice questions.  To prepare for a test, you must take the corresponding certification workshop.  For example, once you take a Disciplined Agile Lean Scrum Master workshop you may then take the corresponding Disciplined Agile certification test.

    As a prerequisite to the Disciplined Agile Lean Scrum Master course is for each student to purchase and use during the workshop: Choose Your WoW!: A Disciplined Agile Delivery Handbook for Optimizing Your Way of Working (WoW) – Jun 1, 2020, by Scott Ambler & Mark Lines, you should expect this book to be a source of questions.

    As a prerequisite to the Certified Disciplined Agile Coach course is for each student to purchase and use during the workshop: An Executive's Guide to Disciplined Agile: Winning the Race to Business Agility (Volume 1) – July 15, 2017 by Scott W Ambler & Mark Lines, you should expect this book to be a source of questions.

    There are two strategies for awarding points based on the type of question:

    1. True-false questions.  You get one point for a correct answer, zero for the incorrect answer.
    2. Multiple-option questions. There is one correct answer to these questions.  You are awarded one point for each correct answer, zero for an incorrect answer.

    This marking scheme is described in greater detail, with examples, in the following sample test.

    We've developed a sample test that you can take to give you a feel for what the two tests are alike.  There are 10 questions in the sample test, the answers to the questions at the back of the test, a marking sheet to help you calculate your score, and a detailed description of how your score is calculated (including an example of how a question is marked).  Our recommendation is to print the PDF, take the test, and then calculate your score.

    Click here for the Sample Test.

    • The Disciplined Agile certification test is a closed book exam with 50 questions.
    • The test has a 60-minute time limit.
    • Once started, you WON'T be able to pause the test. We recommend a reliable internet connection, not a public location.
    • You will not be able to go back to previously answered questions.
    • You must achieve 70% to pass the test.  

    • The Certified Disciplined Agile Coach test is a closed book exam with 50 questions.
    • The test has a 60-minute time limit.
    • Once started, you WON'T be able to pause the test. We recommend a reliable internet connection, not a public location.
    • You will not be able to go back to previously answered questions.
    • You must achieve 70% to pass the test


    What is the Salary of a Scrum Master Certified Professional?

    What is the Salary of a Scrum Master Certified Professional?

    Before you decide to take up the PMI Disciplined Agile course,  it would do you good, to keep in mind some idea of how much Scrum master certified professionals actually earn. 

    Disciplined Agile And CSM – What’s the difference? What to Choose now?

    Disciplined Agile And CSM – What’s the difference? What to Choose now?

    Any idea why Agile is gaining popularity? Various reasons can be pointed out as per the Version One Survey results. But, one thing that stands according to me is “Being Agile” is a function of the environment we are working in. The environment today has become more volatile and complex and therefore, the value delivered in the soonest time has taken precedence.

    Disciplined Agile v/s PMI – ACP

    Disciplined Agile v/s PMI – ACP

    Agile is a vast landscape and over the years, since it started, right from 2001, has grown into a multitude of practices and methodologies. If you see the landscape prepared by the popular Deloitte Consulting firm, you can see almost 100 practices of Agile and for a beginner in Agile, it is too overwhelming.

    What is Agile methodology?

    What is Agile methodology?

    Agile methodology is used by teams to gain agility and overcome rigid structures and processes to deal with fluctuating customer requirements and circumstances.

    10 Ways Enterprise Agility Improves Product Delivery

    10 Ways Enterprise Agility Improves Product Delivery

    Disciplined Agile Consortium. Reproduced with permission. The Disciplined Agile framework goes beyond product delivery.  Think of the difference between DA and other enterprise agile frameworks in terms of baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies. A prescriptive framework such as SAFe would provide a list of ingredients and step-by-step instructions.


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