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What are the Different Types of PMP Membership offered by PMI?


Types of PMP Membership by PMIA worldwide professional organization for project management called PMI was established. According to the PMI website, the organization currently boasts a network of more than 2.9 million professionals working in almost every nation; It also has more than 300 local organizations in more than 80 nations. Project managers that have earned their PMP (Project Management Professional) credentials are highly sought after. You must get your PMP certification to prove your project manager and leader competence. You can easily get a PMP membership through PMI, as it is the organization that grants this accreditation.

The need for strong leaders in project management is constant. Employers and clients will respect you more if you have a PMP credential. So, with a PMP credential, you’ll stand out from the crowd when prospective employers look for a project manager. You are knowledgeable and skilled. Opportunities for PMP-certified project managers are growing, making getting work in the field easier.

According to studies, earning potential is estimated to be 20% greater for PMP-certified professionals. Many aspiring project managers decide to take the PMP test because of the substantial pay raises it provides. You can earn more money, make better decisions, and take charge of the PMP certification for project managers. There are other doors opening for you as a PMP-certified project manager once you complete it. 

What are the different types of PMP Membership?

Your PMP credential will allow you to work in a more organized and professional setting, build your team up, and boost the efficiency of the work output given. This ability is in high demand around the world and has broad applications. This gives you an internationally marketable skill.

Certified Project Management Professionals are an asset to any employer. Hiring a PMP-certified Project Manager will help businesses finish projects on schedule, under budget, and with successful results. Having a PMP credential shows you’ve mastered the ever-expanding aspect of project management. You will rapidly expand your network of foreign colleagues and contacts.

Employers and projects alike will benefit from having a PMP-certified manager on staff. If you are part of a prestigious organization always benefits the organization and the employees working there! Let’s look at the different sorts of PMI memberships before delving further into membership’s many advantages. 

The different types of PMP Memberships provided by the PMI are as follows:

  1. Individual PMI Membership:

The Individual PMI-Membership is available for an initial cost of $139 – $159. After joining, the membership is good for one year and costs $139 – $149 to renew annually.

       2. Student Membership:

Student memberships are offered to currently enrolled students who can provide an appropriate form of identification or the necessary proof required for eligibility. The eligibility criteria include enrolling in a full-time course at a university that guarantees a degree with a US credential or a global equivalent. An additional $10 registration fee is added on top of the original student membership fee of $32. This adds up to a sum of $42. The annual renewals cost $32. Students can benefit greatly from this course membership since this helps them pave the way toward their career in Project Management. This also highly helps them upgrade their skill set!

       3. Retiree Membership:

Did you recently retire from your work or your employment?

If the answer is ‘Yes’, you can still be in touch with the advancements through this retiree membership. If you have been a member of PMI for at least five years in a row, you can maintain your PMI membership by paying the $65 annual renewal cost. However, this PMP membership is only available to PMI members only.

       4. Organizational Membership:

The PMI-Organizational Membership is a beneficial membership that, can be used by all the employees of that particular organization. This membership can be used when the organization or the business owner suggests that the team should get a skill-set upgrade.

The benefits of Joining a PMP membership by PMI

  1. Cost reduction: 

If this is your first time joining a PMI membership, I recommend doing so before you sign up for the PMP exam. Doing so will allow you to reduce the total cost of the PMP certification. 

Are you wondering if the price of PMP Membership, including the fee for the PMP test, is less expensive for members than it is for non-members to take the PMP exam alone?

After factoring in the membership charge, you still have a total savings of $11. Therefore, becoming a member of PMI before registering for the exam is a no-brainer. You can refer to the PMP Handbook for further information.

    2. Free copy of all PMI Standards (including the PMBOK Guide).

You can receive a complimentary copy of every standard PM published if you are a PM member. In addition, a digital copy, in PDF format, is available for download from the Library of PMI Global Standards for members. Therefore, aspirants to the PMP and CAPM certifications can, first and foremost, get a free copy of the PMBOK Guide, 6th Edition, and so save around $40 in one fell swoop.

   3. Access to free online project management books.

You will get free (online) access to more than 250 project management books as a PM member thanks to the free subscription you receive to Books 24×7. Regarding your preparation, you will surely find some of the books helpful.

   4. Participation in Specific Interest Groups (also known as SIGs)

PM Specific Interest Groups, or SIGs, are available for membership to anyone with particular knowledge or interest. There is a $15 or $20 charge for each SIG membership. PDUs also known as professional development units, are required for PMP recertification. Many of these SIGs provide their members with the opportunity to earn PDUs by participating in free webinars.

   5. Get involved in the community of Project Managers in your area.

After becoming a PM member, you can sign up for additional membership in the PMI chapter in your area. Local PMI organizations offer a beneficial platform for professional networking, information exchange with peers, and the opportunity to learn from subject matter experts.

The membership holders are eligible for price reductions on these workshops. In most cases, the value of the discounts is greater than the cost of the chapter itself.

      6. Volunteering is a great way to build leadership skills and gain valuable experience.

By volunteering, one can earn Professional Development Units (PDUs) and obtain significant experience in leadership roles. 

      7. Access to the Materials of Research Studies.

If you are a member of PMI, you will have access to various research studies. 

      8. Access to a Wide Variety of Career Development Programs.

 PMI also provides a wide variety of career development programs, like the PMI’s Career Framework. The PMI professional Framework includes tools and resources for identifying your skills, competitors, strengths, and weaknesses, and it also helps you sketch out a professional development path for upskilling yourself! In addition, the PMI Career Framework helps you identify your abilities, competitors, strengths, and weaknesses.

     9. Discounts on PMI-Published Books, Software, Articles, and Others.

Discounts are available on all PMI-published books, software, articles, and other items. In addition, you can also receive savings on PMI’s Global Congresses, Research conferences, and eSeminarWorld (virtual seminars), which all offer the opportunity to earn PDUs.

PMI’s Annual PMP Membership Renewal Process

How long does a PMI membership last? After joining PMP membership will be active for an entire year. In your myPMI profile on PMI.org, you may check the remaining time on your membership and renew it up to 90 days before it expires.

Accepting the automatic renewal terms and conditions on the PMI.org payment screen will renew your membership without you having to do anything. However, if you want to renew your membership annually via phone, mail, or online, you can disable this feature.

What happens then if you need to remember to renew your PMP membership?

You need to renew your PMP membership before it expires to continue taking advantage of member-only webinars, chapter membership discounts, or more professional development units (PDUs) and other benefits mentioned above. If you want to be sure you always have access to your membership advantages, you can enable the automatic renewal feature.


Joining the PMI membership can provide you with several advantages. These rewards should serve as a motive for your pursuit of PMP certification. But you need to participate in them to get their rewards. As a member, you’ll be invited to attend chapter meetings where you may network with other people in the field of project management who use the PMP membership. Reading this log gives you insight into the different PMI memberships. In addition, your professional development, communication, and networking will benefit from this.

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