The PMP Certification Cost covers Training and Examination, where the training is guided by experienced individuals in the field of Project Management. 

The structure for the cost of PMP certification varies based on the materials and the quality of the materials provided. 

You can get hands-on training and experience in Professional Project Management training. 

PMP certification includes the cost of PMP exam, PMP certification fees, as well as the cost of reference books such as the exclusive Rita Mulcahy materials.

There are different types of PMP memberships provided by PMI. They are given as follows:

Type of MembershipPMI MembershipStudent MembershipRetiree Membership
Cost of Membership$139 - $159$32$65

The rates for PMI and non-PMI members differ for various things such as the ones listed below:

PMI-MembersNon-PMI Members
PMP Examination Fees$405 - $425$575 - $595
PMP Re-examination Fees$275$375

The PMP certification fees also depend on several factors:

  • Course lectures
  • Training professors
  • Course materials 
  • Extra Mock exams and evaluation
  • Type of Institution
  • Additional Resources: Quizzes & Practice Tests 

If you are looking out to get a PMP certification for yourself then you have to pass the PMP exam after following the PMP certification process. Passing the PMP exam is only possible if you know what is PMP and also if you thoroughly go through the PMBOK guide which contains all the lessons and answers to scoring in the examination!

After clearing the PMP exam, you will be able to explore more opportunities, experience the hike in your salary, and navigate the various roles of a Project Manager as well as get your hands on the many other PMP benefits!

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