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    Leading SAFe® 5.1 Agilist Certification Training in Delhi

    Thriving in the digital age with Business Agility
    ProThoughts offers Leading SAFe Agilist Certification Training in Delhi to help aspirants attain a thorough knowledge of the Core Values of SAFe and SAFe key practices & principles. While gaining knowledge on this SAFe Certification Course in Delhi, you’ll learn concepts like evolving a lean-agile mindset, applying the Agile Release Train (ART) structure, and more. ProThoughts SAFe Agilist Training in Delhi is globally recognized. Drive a Lean-Agile adaptation at the enterprise level with globally identified SAFe® Certification Delhi.

    SAFe® Agile Certification Training in Delhi?

    SAFe Agilist Certification in Delhi helps the business for you to work on large-scale agile projects in a better & easier fashion. SAFe Agile Certification Delhi will be a 2-day course with an overview of all the Lean-Agile practices, SAFe Principles, Experiencing Program Increment (PI) Planning & Exploring, Executing, and Releasing Value. SAFe Agile Certification in Delhi is getting more and more attention as the awareness and importance of SAFe Certification in Delhi is rising.


    Why SAFe Agilist certification course in Delhi?

    With more than 70% of Fortune 100 organisations in the United States using SAFe®, it's apparent that interest for Leading SAFe® is on the rise. Earning Leading SAFe® 5 certifications from an internationally recognised accrediting body, such as Scaled Agile, provides you a significant edge over the competition and puts you in charge of Agile transformation in organizations.

    A Leading SAFe® certificate will not only get you a raise in your current job, but it will also provide you with the following benefits:
    1. In Scrum groups, lead transformation.
    2. Become a high-earning Scrum expert.
    3. Take advantage of greater job chances.
    4. Keep up with the market's ever-changing trends.

    What You Will Learn in Leading SAFe® 5.1 Agilist Certification Training in Delhi?
    SAFe Agilist Certification Training in Delhi covers the below list of learnings for an aspirant
    1. Learn fundamentals of SAFe & Agility
    2. Apply SAFe values into Agile Mindset
    3. Lean-Agile principles
    4. Get into the role of Lean- Portfolio
    5. 7 core competencies of SAFe to work on extensive & large projects
    6. Program Maximise Value Learnings
    7. Leadership Skills
    8. Lead transformation for your enterprise

    What is the eligibility requirements for Leading SAFe 5.1 Certification Training?

    This course/certification can be done by anyone interested regardless of experience. However, aspirants planning to take the SAFe® 5 Agilist (SA) certification exam should have the following:

    1. Software development, testing, business analysis, product or project management expertise of at least five or more years is required.
    2. Working knowledge of Scrum is a plus.

    What is the SAFe® Agilist exam's structure, format, and duration, fee?

    The Scaled Agile Framework certification exam is a 45-question multiple-choice online examination. To pass the Leading SAFe® 5.1 test and get your SAFe® Agilist certification, candidates will have 90 minutes (1.5 hours) to take the exam and must answer 35 questions correctly out of 45. The first exam attempt is included in the course registration fee if the exam is taken within 30 days of course completion. Each retake attempt costs $50.

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    SAFe Certification Course Details

    Lead your career and make an IMPACT with Leading SAFe 5.1 Certification and achieve business agility for your organization

    The Leading SAFe version 5 is the gateway for SAFe Framework and a potent weapon to make an IMPACT for yourself and your organization, given the fast changing landscape of today.

    The two-day course Leading SAFe Certification is an incredible combination of Lean and Agile and helps to successfully adopt the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). The SAFe is based on the solid foundation of Lean and Agile and is derived from Lean, systems thinking, Agile development, product development flow, and DevOps. SAFe agile is the most popular framework adopted by global market leaders to leverage Business Agility.

    Lead the way to achieve Business Agility, and Make an IMPACT with Leading SAFe 5.1 Certification!

    Who can apply ?

    Our Differentiators

    • Delivery – Our Course is Trained by SPCT candidates with years of experience in SAFe Training courses. They bring years of SAFe practical experience.
    • Post Training Support – Prothoughts is known for responsive support and hand-holding you as a participant till you get your coveted certification. ProThoughts Post Training Support has various touchpoints to help candidates post their SAFe Training such as instructor access, Live Webinar support, experts query resolution sessions for batches, ProMOCK Exam simulator platform, extensive content, etc. 
    • Interactive Learning Methodology – The workshop will be interactive and have a lot of activities and that’s a hallmark of Prothoughts Training sessions. 
    • Superior Material – Prothoughts give additional training material over and above the SAFe standard material, which helps students to crack the exam with full confidence. ProThoughts provides Pre-Training and Post Training material for participants to not only crack the exam but also understand the concepts and apply it in their workplaces. 
    • ProMOCK Simulator Platform – A state of art simulator to practice SAFe mock exams to crack the exam with full confidence. 

    Gateway To SAFe® Communities

    ProThoughts will provide you with access to a greater community of active Scaled Agile experts and improve your practical knowledge on SAFe®.


    What will be your Learning goals ?

    The 2 days Leading SAFe will help you with the following:

    You attain SAFe Agilist Certification once you pass the exam. You get: 

    • SAFe® 5 Scaled Agilist (SA) certificate
    • SAFe Digital Badge to share and promote your achievement 
    • A one-year certified membership as a SAFe Agilist
    • Access to the SA Community of Practice
    • Extensive Access to Webinars and Content 

    If you do not pass the exam, every attempt costs $50.

    Here are the Exam Details!

    • Exam name – SAFe Agilist Exam
    • Exam format – Multiple choice
    • Exam delivery – Web-based (single-browser), closed book, no outside assistance, timed
    • Exam access – Candidates can access the exam within the SAFe Community Platform upon completion of the Leading SAFe course.
    • Exam duration – Once the exam begins, candidates have 90 minutes (1.5 hours) to complete the exam.
    • Number of questions – 45
    • Passing score – 34 out of 45 (75% pass rate)
    • Language – English
    • Exam cost – The first exam attempt is included as part of the course registration fee if the exam is taken within 30 days of course completion. Each retake attempt costs $50.
    • Retake policy – A second attempt on the exam (first retake) can be done immediately after the first attempt. The third attempt requires a 10-day wait. A fourth attempt requires a 30-day wait.
    • Renewal fee: $100

    What will be the Learning Topics ?

    During the program, we’ll go into the following topics:

    • Thriving in the digital age with Business Agility, Leverage SAFe for Business Agility and explore how SAFe Seven Core Competencies achieves Business Agility
    • Becoming a Lean-Agile leader, Apply lean-agile mindset and learn how SAFe Principles enable business agility at scale
    • Creating High-Performance Teams Demonstrate cross-functional Agile Teams to support Build quality in, Organizing Agile Release Trains (ARTs) around the flow of value
    • Building Solutions with Program Increment (PI) Planning Enable Customer Centricity with Design Thinking, Prioritizing the Program Backlog, Participating in PI Planning, Developing on Cadence; Releasing on Demand, Building a Continuous Delivery Pipeline with DevOps
    • Building Lean Portfolio Management Understand how to define the SAFe portfolio, and further, maintain the Portfolio Vision, and establish the Portfolio Vision. Understand Value Streams and funding the Value streams 
    • Leading the Transformation Way into Organization Understand how to lead by example i.e. Authenticity, Emotional intelligence, Lifelong learning, Growing others, Decentralized decision-making and Identifying actions to take for leading the change

    How can the Leading SAFe Certification benefit an organization ?

    1. Achieve Agility 
    2. Higher Customer Satisfaction 
    3. Increased Collaboration and Higher Employee Morale 
    4. Increased Business 

    How can the Leading SAFe Certification benefit an Individual ?

    1. Excel in your Project Management career 
    2. Increased Knowledge and Stand out in the community 
    3. Higher Recognition in Industry 
    4. Better Career Opportunities 
    5. Better Pays 
    6. Be the Catalyst your organization wants in their Transformation journey

    Who can benefit from this certification ?

    For the organization to be Agile, everyone in the organization has to be Agile. Agile as a concept is applicable for everyone, absolutely everyone. And therefore, this course is open to everyone in the organization. Not only Project Managers or IT professionals – everyone can do this course and benefit immensely from the learnings of this course: 

    This course is not limited to the following, but typically the following members should attend: 

    • Senior Leadership including the Managers, Directors, CIOs, and VPs
    • IT team including the Development, QA, Testers and Infrastructure Management
    • Program and Project Managers
    • Product and Product Line Management
    • Portfolio Managers, PMO, and Process Leads
    • Enterprise, System, and Solution Architects

    Why trust ProThoughts with SAFe certification ?

    Prothoughts focuses exclusively on Project Management and is known for its unique Content and Delivery. 

    Prothoughts over the years have gained many accolades such as “Top 10 Corporate Training Companies in India” or “Best Education Institute” but the best is that we get many repeat customers and that talks a lot about our content, delivery and services. 

    We have differentiated ourselves from a lot of training institutes with our differentiators and have helped many practitioners earn their coveted certification. 

    For example, for the Leading SAFe certification, we offer great content besides the SAFe material. There is a Pre-reading material to prepare for the workshop and Post Training material to crack the SAFe exam. Further, a state of art ProMOCK simulator which helps students to practice mock exams and crack the exam with full confidence. Throughout the experiential journey of earning the coveted SAFe credential, you are hand-held by ProThoughts staff and experts, which gives the much-needed guidance at every juncture. 

    Check our Customer Reviews to know more about ProThoughts

    Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) with its latest version (Version 5 and the latest update 5.1) has been the most popular Agile certification for corporates and individuals alike. SAFe principles have proved to be beneficial for a lot of organizations on the organization’s path of Agility. 

    With the ever-changing dynamic landscape, Agility has become a potent weapon and an important asset to steer the organization and provide a competitive edge. Many times, many teams do not understand the right mechanisms or processes or tools to use to do the job better and end up doing the wrong thing which results in Rework, Additional work, Fire-fighting. This, in turn, has a lot of negative impact on the organization’s prospects and the survival of the organization becomes critical. 

    Many organizations have adopted Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) as one of the important areas to remain competitive in this fast-changing world. 

    The Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe) is a comprehensive framework and method to achieve organizational agility. It’s an incredible combination of Lean and Agile, and Leading SAFe 5.1 is the gateway and the 1st step toward SAFe. In its latest release (version 5, update 5.1), SAFe brings full business agility with significant advances in strategy, execution, and leadership competencies, which will help individuals and organizations to deliver cutting-edge business solutions and give the individuals, and the organizations, the competitive edge. 

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    Prothoughts is a trusted expert in Project Management and helped 100+ organizations in their transformation journey, to become more effective and deliver the value sooner. This has helped organizations to become more competitive and excel in their businesses.

    Read the difference between Agile Adoption V/s Transformation. And what it takes to transform your organization.

    Let’s take the Baby Step Now!  – Call us for more information.

    • 100+ Enterprise clients globally 
    • 10,000+ Skilled Project Management Professionals
    • Trusted Coach for Organizational Transformation
    • Value based Results and Professional Fees 



    MQA Certified Institution in association with Local Mauritius Partner Finanotech.

    ProThoughts Solutions in association with our partner Finanotech is an MQA Certified & Approved Institution. Finanotech is our local representative partner for Project Management Certification (PMP) Training in Mauritius.
    Why you should choose MQA accredited institution or course?

    • Assured the quality of your education.
    • Companies will be able to apply for a refund
    • Recognition which shapes your career.


    SAFe Certification Eligibility Criteria


    All are welcome to attend the Leading SAFe course, who want to make a difference to themselves and the organization, regardless of role or experience, 

    To take the SAFe® 5 Agilist (SA) certification exam, the following prerequisites are highly recommended:

    • Minimum 5+ years of experience in software development, testing, business analysis, product or project management
    • Prior experience in Scrum.
    • Still wondering if you are eligible for the SAFe Certification? Check with our SAFe Eligiblity Calculator






    The latest release of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is version 5, update 5.1. ProThoughts offer a Leading SAFe 5 Certification course which is aligned with the latest version of SAFe.        

    The version of SAFe remains SAFe 5. The change from SAFe 5 to 5.1 is simply a set of updates to SAFe 5. One of these updates includes a new SAFe 5.1 Big Picture, but this and the other updates, are all in support of SAFe 5 for Lean Enterprises.

    An upgrade is when Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) is significantly changed and the new changes or version is released; this is recognized typically by an increase in the major version number (e.g. 4 to 5). 

    Updates are when incremental changes are made to the existing version of the Framework and no upgrade is required.  Updates do not require a retest if you already have the most up-to-date certification available, and no upgrade is required. 

    The change from SAFe 5 to 5.1 is an update, not an upgrade.

    Scaled Agile wants the latest updates aligned with the ever-evolving SAFe practices. Scaled Agile continuously updates its existing articles and adds new ones to reflect the updated understanding from the SAFe community and practitioners on best practices in Lean-Agile at scale.

    The latest update 5.1 was rolled out to the latest version, SAFe 5 on February 10, 2021. The key updates are as follows:

    • An updated Big Picture (now at version 5.1)
    • New guidance for operational and development value streams to support organizing around value, the #1 request from our customers
    • ART and Team Topologies, patterns for organizing teams, and ARTs to improve flow.
    • New guidance around DevSecOps technical skills and tools that power the Continuous Delivery Pipeline.
    • Integrated Participatory Budgeting, a dynamic and collaborative process of allocating funding to value streams.
    • Specific guidance for applying Lean-Agile practices to business and technology domains, including a new SAFe for Hardware article.

    More information can be found on Scaled Agile.

    The SAFe Certifications need to be renewed every year. You need the following things to renew the SAFe certification 

    • PDUs: A minimum of 10 continuing education/outreach hours (PDUs) 
    • Certification Renewal Cost: You will need to purchase the bundled product which includes Membership and Certification and comes at a price of $295 ($100 for renewal and $195 for membership). If you possess more than one certification from Scaled Agile, you can renew all of them together at this cost. For example, if you have a Leading SAFe certification expiring on 31 Mar 2021 and a SASM certification expiring on 30 Sept 2021, when you pay $295, both certifications will get renewed and will have the same expiry of 30 Sept 2021 or whichever is the later date.

    You can renew the SAFe certification by the following steps: 

    • Log in to the SAFe Community platform using your credentials.
    • Click on the "Renew" button next to your certification (located at the top of the homepage)
    • You will then be presented with the payment Screen (Shopping Cart), allowing you to complete the renewal process.

    The Validity period of SAFe certification is of 1 year that is 365 days from the date on which you have received your certification. After a year, a professional needs to renew the certification.

    Scaled Agile is the certifying body for the Scaled Agile Structure or SAFe. It is a professional certification program that assesses the knowledge, skills, and mindset of professionals. Here are the various SAFe Certifications available from Scaled Agile:

    • Certified SAFe Agile Product Manager

    This certification combines the values and principles of Lean-Agile with design thinking for developing viable, sustainable, feasible, and desirable solutions and products. For this certification, you must have the following prerequisites:

    • Familiarity with the principles of Agile
    • Accomplished at least one SAFe course
    • Background in solution or product management
    • Experience being a business owner, product manager, product marketer, or product owner
    • Certified SAFe Lean Portfolio Manager

    These professionals understand how to set up a strategy and investment fund, apply Lean governance and Agile portfolio operation, and develop a plan for the implementation of Lean Portfolio Management. Here are the prerequisites for this certification:

    • An understanding of SAFe, strategy, and funding models
    • Knowledge of value stream company
    • Should have attended the Lean Portfolio Management course
    • Certified SAFe Architect

    These professionals are change agents and very efficient leaders who deliver the Agile Architecture for empowering the creation of business value. The requirements for this program are:

    • Knowledge of the application of Lean-Agile principles
    • Should have attended the SAFe for Architects course
    • Certified SAFe Agile Software Engineer

    These professionals are in charge of applying test-first principles so that they can build alignment between needs and tests, communicate with Agile modeling, apply Lean-Agile principles, develop applications with design and code quality, etc. You must satisfy the following requirements for this program:

    • Understand the SAFe framework
    • Have a background in development, engineering, managing development, or quality assurance.
    • Should have attended the SAFe 5 Agile Software Engineering course
    • Certified SAFe Government Practitioner

    This program is for the SAFe change agent who utilizes the principles and practices of SAFe to implement and release value through Agile Release Trainings (ARTs) while leading a Lean-Agile transformation. The requirements for this certification are:

    • Foundational understanding of SAFe principles, House of Lean, and Agile Manifesto.
    • understanding of the lifecycle of government technology programs.
    • Should have attended the SAFe Government course
    • Certified SAFe DevOps Practitioner

    This is a SAFe professional who enhances the flow of value throughout the Continuous Delivery Pipeline, from idea to the operational solution. Here are the requirements for this certification program:

    • Experience of working in operations or development environment
    • Should have attended the SAFe 5 DevOps Practitioner course
    • Certified SAFe Program Consultant

    These individuals are SAFe change agents leading all organizational levels through the Lean-Agile transformation by coaching, mentoring, training, and facilitation. The certification has the following requirements:

    • Should possess facilitation, time, and classroom management skills
    • Adequate Agile experience to be able to teach it to beginners
    • Technical skills to work with the workflows and processes
    • Should have attended the Implementing SAFe course
    • Certified SAFe Release Train Engineer 

    These are coaching professionals and program servant leaders who encourage end-to-end delivery of value in a value stream or a single program of a Lean-Agile enterprise. Requirements for this program are as follows:

    • Skills for cross-team communication
    • Working knowledge of team dynamics
    • Knows how to utilize SAFe principles in action and can coach
    • Launch or participate in at least one Program Increment (PI) or ART
    • Minimum 3 months of hands-on, real-world experience as an RTE
    • Attend the SAFe Release Train Engineer Course
    • Certified SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager

    This SAFe professional works with development companies and customers to recognize and prioritize requirements. The requirements for this certification program are:

    • Experience in Agile and Lean
    • Should have attended the SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager course
    • Certified SAFe Advanced Scrum Master

    These individuals are Scrum Masters who are responsible for improving the results of the team by facilitating relentless improvement and cross-team interactions. Here are the requirements for this certification program:

    • Hands-on experience in a Lean-Agile environment
    • Should have attended the SAFe Advanced Scrum Master course
    • Certified SAFe Scrum Master 

    These are SAFe Scrum Master Professionals who integrate the Scrum practices into an organization. Here are the requirements for this certification program:

    • Hands-on, real-world experience working in an Agile-Lean environment
    • Should have attended the SAFe Scrum Master course
    • Certified SAFe Practitioner

    They are SAFe team members responsible to utilize Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), and Kanban in a SAFe environment. Here are the requirements:

    • Familiarity with Scrum, XP, Kanban, concepts, and principles of Agile
    • Working knowledge of hardware and software development process
    • Should have attended the SAFe for Teams course
    • Certified SAFe Agilist

    These are SAFe enterprise leaders who are a part of the Lean-Agile transformation. Requirements for this certification are:

    • Experience in Scrum
    • At least 5 years of experience in software development, testing, product or project management, and business analysis
    • Should have attended the Leading SAFe course

    The digital badge of SAFe Certified professional is a global recognition of the proof of achievement. 

    The digital badge helps to share online verifiable certifications online on digital signatures, social media sites, and email signatures. The badges include metadata describing the qualifications of a Certified SAFe professional.
    Scaled Agile is partnered with Acclaim for providing digital versions of SAFe certifications. Once the individual has earned their SAFe certification and set their Community Platform privacy reference for sharing their data with Acclaim, they will receive an email from Acclaim to claim their digital badge. All you have to do for activating the digital badge is click the link present in the email, make an account on the Acclaim, claim the badge, and share it through email or social media.

    There are no eligibility criteria for the Leading SAFe 5.1 course. However, it is recommended that you have:

    • 5+ years of experience in software development, testing, business analysis, product or project management
    • Experience in Scrum

    SAFe Agilist Exam 

    Duration – 90 minutes 

    Questions Total – 45 

    Passing – 35 Questions and Above 

    Format – Multiple Choice Questions 

    The 1st attempt is part of the course fee and needs to be taken 30 days post the course completion. Each re-attempt costs $50. The second attempt on the exam (first retake) can be done immediately after the first attempt. The third attempt requires a 10-day wait. The fourth attempt requires a 30-day wait.

    You need to renew the Leading SAFe 5.1 Certification after every 1 year. You need to pay $100 to extend the credential for a further 1 year from the date of your current expiration.

    SEUs are Scrum Educational Units, issued by the Scrum Alliance. They can be earned by completing educational training or learning opportunities, which serve to validate your participation and continued proficiency in the principles and practices of Scrum. To maintain your certification from Scrum Alliance, you are required to earn a certain number of SEUs every two years.

    PDUs and SEUs are credits awarded by the Project Management Institute and Scrum Alliance respectively. They recognize your dedication to Project Management and the Agile world through the award of credits for every educational effort you make throughout your career. Scrum Alliance members who hold a credential from Scrum Alliance need to earn SEUs to get recertified every two years. Every PMI® certification, except the CAPM®, requires you to earn a specific number of PDUs per three-year certification cycle in order to maintain your credentials.

    Yes, you will get 16 PDUs and 16 SEUs toward your continuing education requirements with the Project Management Institute (PMI)®.

    The Leading SAFe exam is not an easy exam to pass and needs a strategy, and subsequently, a good execution. ProThoughts adds much-required value in helping you to make a robust study plan, with our experience and also, based on the various candidates’ experiences. ProThoughts also supports its candidates with 2 Mock tests to help them in preparing for the exam. ProThoughts also provides necessary post-training support with a doubt clearing session with the Instructor, Webinars, and a lot of content to help the candidates prepare for the exam.

    ProThoughts ProMOCK exam simulator platform is a state of art simulator and provides 2 Mock Exams to prepare for Leading SAFe 5.1 certification.

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