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Program Management Certification – Here’s Everything You Need to Know!!


Program Management PgMP Certification

For project practitioners with a variety of backgrounds in education and experience, the PMI offers a number of prestigious certifications. One such credential, called Program Management Certification, is well-known for its Advanced value and difficult-to-understand concept around it.

A PgMP certification improves your strategic thinking skills so that you can make the best decisions in challenging organizational situations. Obtaining PgMP Credentials will do wonders for your job if you handle complicated levels or work on several projects.

Starting from the process to its necessities and preparation process, the article addresses the question, “What is Program Management?”

PMI PgMP: What is it?

PgMP stands for Program Management Professionals. In the event that you as of now have the PMP certification, It is the subsequent stage toward expanding your insight in the Project Management and Program Management executives area. The Program Management Certification is for senior management experts, particularly the people who oversee enormous projects. Becoming PgMP Certified is an indicator of both your experience and information in the field of Program Management.

As per the PMI, the “Program Management Professional (PgMP)® is a visible sign of your advanced experience and skill and gives you a distinct advantage in employment and promotion.”

PgMP Certification: What are the Main Benefits?

Aspirants who hold a Program Manager Certification will stand out from the competition and attract the employer’s attention.

One of the benefits of being a Certified Program Manager is having great leadership and Program Management Skills, as well as performance that benefits the organization as a whole. You can lead or manage complex programs and projects, as well as develop corporate strategies if you earn this credential. Program Management Courses aren’t only helpful in that frame of mind of a hopeful program manager-  it gives them a sense of worth, an identity, and obligations.

How do you Maintain Your PgMP Certification?

The Program Management Certification is validated for three years, after which the professional must Earn 60 PDUs to keep up with the certificate.

As soon as you achieve PgMP Certification, you must take part in the CCR program to keep your certification status active. The Program Management cycle lasts three years, requiring a minimum of 60 PDUs for credential upkeep, as mentioned earlier. A new three-year cycle will start after one is successfully completed.

PMI-PgMP Certification Cost

For PMI members, the PgMp Exam Costs $800, while for non-members it costs $1000. PMI membership offers advantages akin to PgMP, even without the discount, with exclusive member benefits as an added bonus. You are not required to pay until the panel has approved your application because the PgMP application procedure includes a panel review of your work.

Salary of a Certified Program Manager

According to the ambitionbox.com survey, the average annual income for a program manager in India is 19.0 lakhs, with salaries ranging from 4.7 lakhs to 36.4 lakhs.

PgMP Certification Holders

According to PMI Fact File Stats there were only 4,110 people who had earned the Program Manager Certification till now. There has undoubtedly been a steady increase in the number of people holding PgMp credentials. For instance, only 444 people worldwide have PgMP certification in 2010. Nevertheless, obtaining this distinction is quite helpful due to the certification’s global rarity. Additionally, whether or not future employers ask for a PMP Certification, the knowledge you acquire during the certification process will be very helpful to you in your professional life. Having certificates, like a PgMP, shows that you are dedicated to your career and have a wide range of experience.

PgMP Eligibility Calculator

What is the Demand for Certified Program Managers?

The demand for Certified Program Managers has been increasing in recent years, as organizations seek to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their programs and projects. A Certified Program Manager showcases proficiency and knowledge in Program Management by completing a certification program.

Certified Program Managers are in demand across a range of industries, including information technology, finance, healthcare, construction, and government. Industries rely on Program Management for large-scale project success, seeking skilled professionals to manage projects from inception to completion effectively.

The demand for Certified Program Managers is expected to continue to increase as organizations become more complex and global, and as projects become larger and more complex. Moreover, Project and Program Management’s growing importance is expected to drive demand for Certified Program Managers.

In conclusion, Program Management Certification can provide a competitive advantage in the job market and can open up a range of career opportunities. Demand for Certified Program Managers will likely rise as organizations aim for more efficient programs and projects.

PgMP vs PMP: What’s the Difference?

We must first learn the difference between a Project and a Program in order to understand the differences between Program Management and Project Management Certification. A project is an endeavor with a deadline to deliver a product, service, or outcome. A program is a collection of related activities aimed at achieving a goal that exceeds the sum of its parts.

The PMP certification, which verifies your competence as a project management professional, is highly demanded on a global scale. Your possession of this credential attests to your mastery in- people, process, and the business environment within this discipline. It demonstrates your capacity to plan, coordinate, and successfully steer challenging tasks.

Therefore, if you have the necessary abilities, willpower, and perseverance to complete projects, you are the greatest candidate for PMP. The esteemed Program Management Professional certification acknowledges expertise in supervising multiple projects and aligning them with organizational objectives. It more clearly demonstrates your skill at generating advantages than the overall result of numerous projects. PgMP is an excellent choice if you can oversee program performance while aligning multiple initiatives with an organization’s strategic objectives.

PgMP or PMP – Which One is Better?

In conclusion, obtaining a PMP credential demonstrates your professionalism in managing, organizing, and leading time-sensitive projects in order to accomplish the stated goals. PgMP shows, however, that it is possible to link a number of efforts of this kind to a company’s strategic vision and aim and provide benefits that are higher than the sum of those from each project alone. To put it another way, you must deliver advantages that several independent businesses cannot.

Which certification typically yields higher earnings: PMP or PgMP?

In the US, PgMP professionals make 42% more money than non-PgMP program managers and PMP professionals make 32% more money than non-PMP counterparts.

Which is better, though? Around a million people hold the PMP certification globally. However, there are only a little over 4,110 PgMP holders. In other words, there are 333 PMP holders for every PgMP holder. Consequently, earning a Program Management Certification is more significant than earning a Project Management Certification. We have also found that PgMP evaluation standards and requirements are greater than PMP. In the industry, PgMP commands greater respect compared to PMP as a result.

A PMP professional in the US makes an average base salary of 111,000 USD per year, whereas a PgMP professional earns 122,000 USD per year. In other words, PgMP professionals typically make 10% more than PMP professionals. By comparing the salaries of Program Management certificate holders with PMP professionals, we may conclude that PgMP-certified managers are paid more. Consequently, the PgMP credential is worth more than the PMP. In the field of project/Program Management, the PMP and PgMP certifications enjoy high regard. Additionally, they provide opportunities for ongoing career development.

By 2030, the global economy will require 25 million new project industry workers, including PMPs and PgMPs. Given the pitiful numbers of Project and Program Management Certificate holders currently, there is a vast gap to be filled, and these qualifications will enable you to fulfill the rising demands.

Is the PgMP Certification Worth It?

Whether or not the Program Manager Certification is worth it depends on an individual’s career goals and current job responsibilities.

Here are some potential benefits of opting for a Program Management Course:

  • Increased credibility and recognition in the field of Program Management
  • Improved Program Management Skills and knowledge of methodologies and practices
  • Increased earning potential for those working in Program Management
  • Enhanced professional network through connections with other certified PgMp Professionals

However, it’s important to keep in mind that obtaining a Program Management Course alone doesn’t guarantee job advancement or an increased salary. It’s just one aspect of professional development and should be combined with relevant experience and continuous learning.


What therefore should we do for Certification in Program Management? Michel’s philosophy of collaboration is one of them. In its written form, Michel’s Thiry is a groundbreaker and has significantly advanced the PgMP standard, which he independently developed in partnership with ProThoughts. In PgMP, the main problem is that the standard is extremely difficult to understand because there are no examples and nothing you can relate to, so when we provide examples and you break down the standard, it becomes much easier to understand. 

ProThoughts can also help you pass your Program Management if you use their mock exams on their ProMOCK platform.

In case you have any questions regarding PgMP, you can email us at [email protected]. We would be happy to help.

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