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Modes Of Learning

  • classroom

    Classroom Training

    Interact with the instructor and the participants on a live basis and in a physical classroom.

  • online

    Online Learning

    Interact with the instructor and the participants on a live basis, but through online medium.

  • elearning


    Learn at your own flexible timings and at your convenience. Avail Free resources as well.

Course Details

CAPM (Plan 3)
*PMI Application Support*
*Educational Post Workshop Support by trainer directly*
*Rita Mulcahy 4th Edition 6 Months Cloud Subscription*
23 Hours of Instructor led Live Training
Recorded videos of Sessions attended
23 PDUs/ Contact Hours Certificate(Global PMI REP ID: 4032)
5 Mock Exams online with Answers & Explanations
10+ Project Management Videos
10+ Project Management Templates
Library of Case Studies/ Activities
Flash Cards

Course Details

Project Management trainings impart skills and knowledge to steer projects towards success. It is industry agnostic and applicable across different sectors and industries. One of the most popular certifications across the world for students and junior project team members (less than 3 years of work experience) is CAPM® offered by PMI®. ProThoughts CAPM® Certification is widely popular and highly recognized among the participants. This course is aimed at facilitating complete and comprehensive studies necessary to appear for and clear the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® Certification Exam. The course is designed for not only to pass the exam but also understand the concepts and apply them in real-life projects to be successful. This training program is designed and developed based on a unique game-based interactive approach that our participants enjoy and prepare themselves in the process for CAPM® examination. This course isn’t designed for just the theoretical understanding of PMBOK® 6th Edition Guide, but for provoking application-oriented understanding of Project Management based on the same PMBOK® 6th Edition Guide as an art and science.

ProThoughts Solutions is offering CAPM® Certification Training Online as a very unique service package which includes not only the highly effective training hours but also all study materials and support that is needed to crack CAPM® in the smartest and the most time effective way. This is in collaboration with Rita Mulcahy Corporation, recognized as one of the best brands globally for Project Management.

The target of this training is not to just prepare an individual from an exam standpoint but also prepare to practically apply these concepts on the projects and get effective results to succeed.

The course driven by Rita Mulcahy is designed to cover the entire CAPM® syllabus across 10 Knowledge Areas and 5 Process Groups.

Our fulltime instructor for this workshop who will be supported later on as well will be Mr Arvind Nahata. His profile can be checked at LinkedIn.

CAPM® exam consists of 150 multiple choice questions to be attempted in 3 hours. The workshop will be covering the strategy for the exam (Do’s and Don’ts).


Package includes:

  • Game-Based Interactive Approach Online sessions
  • CAPM® Exam Prep Audio Book (Latest 4thEdition) – By Rita Mulcahy
  • PMBoK® based Slides eBook (Copyrighted with ProThoughts Solutions)
  • Multiple Online Mock Exams in a simulated environment with answers & explanations. Also report of each exam explaining your performance area wise.
  • 100++ Flash eCards Ready Memorizer
  • Book of 100+ eMindMaps
  • 23 Contact Hours Certificate required to qualify for CAPM® (Global PMI REP Id: 4032)
  • Free Counselling with Project Instructor in person* (*by appointment only)
  • Personalized Application Support directly from trainer
  • Educational Support directly from the trainer till you clear CAPM®
  • Quizzes with Rapid Fire Rounds
  • Crosswords for Fun
  • 3 Case Studies to apply the concepts learnt in the course
  • Money-Back Guarantee if you do not pass in the exam in 30 days
  • A project management tool to work out real projects in classrooms

Key Giveaways in the workshop:

  • Rita Mulcahy CAPM® Exam Prep Book (Latest 4th Edition) – Highly acclaimed book for CAPM®
  • PMBoK® based Slides Book (Copyrighted)
  • Book of Mind Maps (Very effective for revision & recalling the concepts)
  • 100++ Flash card Ready Memorizer
  • Online Mock Tests in a Pro-metric simulated environment
  • Free counselling with Instructor in person (*Accessible via Email, Phone, WhatsApp, F2F by appointment only)
  • Application Support to ensure approval smoothly (To avoid rejections & query)
  • Tips & Tricks to crack the exam
  • Game-Based Interactive Approach in classroom sessions
  • Quizzes with Rapid Fire Rounds
  • Money Back Guarantee if you do not pass in the exam in 30 days (*With certain conditions)
  • 23 Contact Hours Certificate by Project Management Institute (PMI)® accredited R.E.P. (ProThoughts is Global PMI®-REP Id 4032)

Key Takeaways:

  • Demonstrate a solid knowledge of Project Management tools, techniques and methods in line with the latest edition of the PMI® A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) – Latest 6th Edition.
  • Be well placed to clear the CAPM® Certification exam in the first attempt.
  • Contribute better to his/her responsibilities in Project Management in an organization
    1. Apply the concepts learnt in the class in real-life projects
    2. Understand the good practices, identify the gaps and implement improvements in real life projects.


Expectations from the Participants:

  • CAPM® exam is conducted and governed by PMI®.
  • Professionals are required to attain 23 hours of professional training in order to attempt CAPM® exam.
  • Exam fee for CAPM® exam is $225 for PMI® members and $300 for non-members.



Lesson 1 –  CAPM Exam Overview, Project Management Framework  (4.5 hours)

Lesson 2 – Integration Management, Scope Management (4.5 hours)

Lesson 3 – Schedule Management, Cost Management (4.5 hours)

Lesson 4 – Quality Management, Resource Management, Risk Management (4.5 hours)

Lesson 5 – Procurement Management , Communication Management, Stakeholder Management, Code of Ethics, Rapid Fire Round, Exam Strategy     (5 hours)




"We provide renowned study materials like Rita Mulcahy's PMP Exam Prep, WOW Book, etc. We also offer Flash Cards, Mind Maps,and Online Mock tests"


"We stress learning the concepts more than rote learning, and we do so by our uniquely designed methodology where we focus on the topics using fun teaching paradigms"


"Our Instructors are zealous experts in Project Management. They give their full-time devotion to teaching at ProThoughts and have a key focus on one thing only – getting you certified."


"We guide you in your certification journey with Mock exam analysis, a F2F concept clearing session with experts, exam simulation support, PMI audit, Application form filling assistance"


"We ensure that you will clear the certification exams in your first attempt on adhering to the guidelines conveyed by ProThoughts. Check our Terms & Conditions for more information."


"Grab the exclusive Mega Pass and access recorded sessions for up to 6 Months and access PDF material of our E-learning portal for free for a year and never miss a session!"



A secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or the global equivalent)
1,500 hours of project experience


23 hours of project management education completed by the time you sit for the exam. Our Project Management Basics online course fulfills this educational prerequisite.




Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Certification is a globally renowned certification offered by Project Management Institute (PMI). CAPM credentials are recognized across industries, domains and geographies.

Any individual who wants to make career in Project Management or looking to enhance the knowledge in Project Management can opt for CAPM certification.

Eligibility criteria for CAPM: Education Experience in Project Project Management Training
Secondary Degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or global equivalent) 1500 hours (about 1 year)
23 hours (23 PDUs)
Please contact us for further personalized queries.

PMI Membership Fee (Optional) $129
CAPM Exam Fee with PMI Membership $225
CAPM Exam Fee without PMI Membership $300
PMI Membership Renewal Fee (annually) $119
Reexamination Fee with PMI Membership $150
Reexamination Fee without PMI Membership $200

PMI membership comes with lots of benefits.
• Exam costs reduce by $75
• PMBOK 6th Edition (downloadable copy as pdf)
• Many other recognized Project Management eBooks (downloadable copy as pdf)
• Access to Mock Exams and other tools & videos
• Tracking your membership, renewing and updating online, which is much quicker and easier

Following are the offerings:

  • Original CAPM Exam Prep Book - 4th Edition– By Rita Mulcahy
  • Original PMBOK – 6th Edition
  • Book of Mind Maps (very effective for revision of CAPM syllabus)
  • Box of Flash Cards (very effective for revision of CAPM syllabus)
  • Application Support
  • Mock Exams Online
  • Other Online & Classroom Courses

CAPM certification is valid for 5 years. There is no renewal option for CAPM. After 5 years, you should plan for next higher certifications like PMP (this is renewable).

Following are the points to be known before the application process:

  • Check your eligibility before starting the application.
  • PMI Application process is recommended to be done after taking PMI membership.
  • Application can be initiated, completed and submitted online
  • Application once initiated needs to be submitted within 90 days. After that, draft application will be removed and a fresh application has to be started all over again.
  • PMI normally reviews and approves the application within 1-2 weeks after submission
  • Application might get accepted, rejected or go in Query Mode. PMI will be communicating via email.
  • If application goes in query, applicant needs to revise as per suggestions from PMI and resubmitted.
  • Based on the query, applicant might have to send via postal mail completed audit form with several documents to the address provided.
  • If Application audited do not meet the required criteria, application might get rejected and fees paid will be refunded back after deducting the processing fee

PMI allows 3 attempts in 1 calendar year. If candidate do not clear in a year, 4th attempt can be done only after a wait of 1 year.

The sequence to be followed is: Get Secondary Degree and Gain work experience (1500 hours of project management experience)


Get 23 PDUs (23 hours of project management education)

  1. Take PMI Membership ($139) – This is optional but recommended
  2. Submit CAPM application to PMI
  3. Once approved, prepare for the exam (self-study)
  4. Take mock exams to evaluate, if you are ready for the final CAPM exam.
  5. If not ready identify you gaps and work towards it.
  6. Once ready, pay the exam fees ($225 or $300) and take the date for the exam.
  7. Go and take the exam and clear it.

Total effort needed to get CAPM certified varies anywhere between 100 to 250 hours. It really depends upon an individual. Based on his experience, exposure, grasping ability, commitment etc. We go with a 3x3 formulae. 3 hours every day will need 3 months at the most to crack CAPM. But with that said, we had examples where candidate have done it in less than a month and other extreme where candidates have taken about a year.

CAPM exam will have 150 questions to be answered in 3 hours (180 minutes).PMI few years back announced certain percentage as a passing criteria. But later on they changed and made it tougher to pass CAPM. And while doing so, they stopped announcing the passing criteria. Now with our experience, our assumption is that it is somewhere between 70 – 75%. Also, they have started to evaluate based on many other factors too. Eg. Evaluating individual Process Group wise.

So if you are scoring anywhere above 75% in our mock exams consistently, you hold a good chance to clear the CAPM exam.

Based on the needs of various aspirants, we created multiple combo packages for CAPM.

You should opt for CAPM Basic if:

  • You are confident of preparing by yourself based on the very effective 24 hours of training
  • You already have the study materials
  • You just need the basic support to get qualified

You should opt for CAPM Basic + if:

  • You are confident of preparing by yourself based on the very effective 24 hours of training
  • You already have the study materials
  • You need the advanced support to get qualified and mock exams to check your preparedness

You should opt for CAPM Basic++ if:

  • You are confident of preparing by yourself based on the very effective 24 hours of training
  • You need to get the study materials
  • You need the advanced support to get qualified and mock exams to check your preparedness

You should opt for CAPM Advanced if:

  • You are not confident of preparing by yourself based on the very effective 24 hours of training
  • You need to get the study materials
  • You need the advanced support to get qualified and mock exams to check your preparedness

24 hours of training is the same irrespective of the package that you select. Hence, you might find various CAPM aspirants enrolled in different packages as per their needs and attending the same sessions.

Two of the main reasons that CAPM aspirants opt for ProThoughts are: Trainer and Study Materials. 24 hours of training sessions are driven by Rita Mulcahy Methodology and by one of the best trainers from the industry, that too not freelancers. That makes our training sessions very effective. Value wise if you check, we are probably one of the cheapest in terms of our offerings.

We have one of the best trainers from the industry and that too fulltime, not freelancers. All our trainers have at least 17 years of industry experience in Project Management. Certainly certified by PMI and have conducted at least 100 such trainings both classroom and online combined. You can check their profiles on our website and their feedback on social media on various platforms like Quora, Facebook.

We are the distributors of Rita Mulcahy brand, which is supposed to be one of the best brands in terms of study materials and the methodology for CAPM.

CAPM Basic++ package includes

  • Original CAPM Exam Prep Book - By Rita Mulcahy - Latest 4th Edition
  • Book of very effective MindMaps that helps in your revision and gives you confidence to crack the exam. For quick go through of the entire CAPM syllabus, MindMaps are very effective.

CAPM Advanced package includes

  • Original CAPM Exam Prep Book - By Rita Mulcahy - Latest 4th Edition
  • Book of very effective MindMaps that helps in your revision and gives you confidence to crack the exam. For quick go through of the entire CAPM syllabus, MindMaps are very effective.
  • Box of 100+ Flash Cards, another effective tool to prepare for CAPM and helps in revision and recalling of important concepts. It is very effective for group study as well.

All the study materials based on the package selected will be couriered to you. Any courier within India will not be charged. Any courier to be done outside of India will need to be paid extra, as per the actual courier charges. Once enrolled, we will connect with you about the same. It normally takes anywhere between 2- 7 days for the courier to arrive, based on the address/ location.

Once the 24 hours of training session is done, same trainer will be associated to work with you. He will be accessible for any doubts/ counselling/ clarification via Email/ Phone/ WhatsApp. He will connect with you once and your direct relationship will start with him thereafter.

Once the 24 hours of training session is done, one of our experts will be associated to work with you.

  • You will get a sample approved application via email
  • Expert will have a telephonic conversation with you explaining you the details
  • Once the draft is created, our experts in-house will be reviewing your application as a critic, try to reject your application and suggest you all the changes to be done.

eBooks & Templates can be downloaded. Access to Videos of the sessions will be available online for 90 days after the last session.

200 Practice questions can be downloaded. Mock Exams online will have a validity of 90 days and an option to get extended by another 90 days without any extra charge.

There will be 3 Case Studies and more than 15 activities associated with CAPM. They can be downloaded.


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