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What is An Agile Coach?


Have you ever felt lost in a conversation because the other person was speaking so confidently and using such technical terms that you were hesitant to ask for clarification? It can be a little overwhelming when someone first encounters the notions of Agile coaching and development. Agile techniques and approaches are adopted by teams and individuals with the assistance of an agile coach. Making a team more effective, transparent, and cohesive as well as enabling better outcomes, solutions, and products/services are the objectives of an Agile coach.

Agile is widely used, and as a result, the market for coaching in Agile has been rapidly expanding. Agile coach in the form of a scrum master was ranked 10th in LinkedIn’s 2017 “Most Promising Jobs” summary, with a base salary of about $100,000 and a surge in job openings of 104% year over year.

Project management,  IT, product management or software development are the most common backgrounds for agile coaches. They typically have extensive knowledge of many Agile techniques, including Scrum, Kanban, and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). They are typically skilled in coaching and mentoring and are able to direct and assist people in finding the best answers to their problems.

What Makes an Agile Coach Needful?

Agile is simple to grasp yet challenging to master, which causes many leaders to experience difficulties when implementing it. The majority of these issues are the result of teams, departments, or the entire business having unrealistic expectations about how simple it will be to implement Agile.

Scrum, for example, has a significant amount of appeal since it seems to offer an easily adopted, globally applicable answer. Every circumstance is unique, though, and many project managers find themselves in terrible situations where they have followed all the recommended Agile methods, but something still seems off. Alternately, Agile may at times seem to work in one business unit only. 

Facilitator of Agile Teams

A guide for an Agile team focuses on a specific team. These include more well-known designations like “Scrum master,” “kanban coach, ” “iteration manager,” and ” “scrum coach Regardless of their official title, the Agile team facilitator’s main objective is to assist a single team in making the switch to Agile and ultimately boost team productivity. More than the other two coach types covered below, the Agile team facilitator may need technical expertise to be an effective coach.

The conversation will eventually go very in-depth because the coach will be interacting with the players frequently. It is essential for a coach to be able to take part in these discussions in order to comprehend and have an impact on the team dynamics. The group might discuss React vs. Angular, for instance.

Theoretically, you don’t need to be familiar with these topics to moderate a meeting on them. However, in practice, the facilitation will be much more successful and the participants will trust the coach more if the coach can demonstrate at least a high level of subject matter understanding. This is why Scrum masters, the most common type of Agile team facilitators, are often developers who not only code but also spend time on upkeep and improvement of the Agile process inside the team.

In the end, an Agile team facilitator’s job is to make sure that Agile is implemented within the team. Not only must they initiate the daily standups or retrospectives, but they must also ensure that the team benefits from them. More Agile implementations are now being introduced via a top-down strategy, as opposed to the bottom-up approach that Agile traditionally used in many companies.

Most Agile Coaches have some prior experience as agile team facilitators because its a very first in the process of becoming an agile coach. An Agile coach is concerned with implementing Agile across the organization and among multiple teams. Although an Agile coach may occasionally work with teams individually, most frequently they will collaborate with Agile team facilitators and other internal Agile ambassadors to identify and remove any barriers preventing the implementation of Agile.

Enterprise Agile Coach

An enterprise Agile coach is more concerned with changing the entire structure of the business to support the Agile principles than they are with helping teams implement Agile on a day-to-day basis. Working with senior leadership in this role entails explaining the advantages of Agile as well as the framework required to make it enduring within the company.

Is It a Full-time Role?

Sometimes. When it comes to Scrum masters, one popular arrangement is to work part-time as a developer, product manager, or project manager and part-time as an Agile team facilitator. In a perfect world, the Scrum Master for one or more teams and the Agile team facilitator would be doing nothing else inside the teams.

A mid-level manager frequently assumes the role of an Agile coach during an Agile transition while also doing their other direct responsibilities.

Although an inside employee might serve as the enterprise Agile coach, this is rarely done.

How much does an Agile coach make in a year?

According to a popular site – Glassdoor, The national average salary for a Agile Coach is stated below. Kindly note these are the statistics derived by the company Glassdoor & the salaries may vary from country to country.

IndiaINR 13LINR 25LINR 39L
United States$ 97K$ 1L$2L
United Arab EmiratesAED 24TAED 28TAED 40T
MauritiusMUR 2LMUR 2.5LMUR 4L

According to a job review site; Glassdoor, corporate fortune 500 companies pay their employees an average of ₹25,49,895 in India.

The above stats showcase that the demand for this Job role is huge & the monetary compensation is also excellent. In order to bump the salary more; a professional can get certified Agile coach. PMI has a new way certification solely for Agile Coaches to get certified & get globally recognized. Disciplined Agile® Coach (DAC) Certification This is another ultimate certification in the Discipline Agile journey, if you wish to be a coach. The Coach will be the expert authority to consult on Disciplined Agile.

Disciplined Agile Coach (DAC) is the master level certification in the journey of Disciplined Agile.

The Disciplined Agile Coach helps the organization include & use Agility. He / She has the in-depth knowledge of the Disciplined Agile toolkit and uses a lot of techniques to bring about transformation in the organization’s journey to Agility. 

The Disciplined Agile Coach (DAC) certification benefits the participants to learn the necessary skills to not only implement Agility using the Disciplined Agile toolkit but also provide them with techniques as a Coach to successfully transform the organization to Agility. 

Get more Info & Download PMI – DAC Exam Content Outline


Agile Coaches are in high demand as it gains wider acceptance. To assist teams and businesses with their Agile transformations. Agile coaches, who may assist a project team in resolving internal process challenges and offer helpful input for Agile enhancements, can be advantageous to project managers. Additionally, a project manager may not always be able to control dependencies, which an Agile coach can help remove or mitigate.

Last but not least, project management offers a route to becoming an Agile Coach. If you choose to become one, look for chances to lead Agile teams (for instance, as a Scrum master), take classes from Agile coaches at your workplace, and participate in company-wide Agile transformation projects.

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