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The Ups and Downs of Strategies For Earning PDU


After completing your PMP certification, you must be eager to know how to obtain and maintain the PDUs. Do you need to renew your PMP? Do you know how to Earn PDUs? To keep your PMI qualifications you must obtain PDU hours. Would you like to learn how to obtain PDU? And what are the ups and downs you might face while earring it? If yes, so, this article is for you! Let’s examine the PDU earning options. 

What do PDUs do?

PDUs, or professional development units, are obtained by learning more about the field in which you work. The PMI states that To be qualified to appear, you must complete a professional project management course for 35 PDUs. So, this is what you received for earning your PMP.

Not by yourself! Many people believe that the 35 contact hours you obtain before registering for the PMP are also helpful in this situation. But once you become a PMP Certified Project Manager, it is distinct from what you need to do in order to gain PDU. Let’s examine why PDUs are required in order to maintain PMP Certification.

Why is PDU mandatory?

What tends to happen if you don’t keep up with project management industry trends? You can become obsolete and lose your practicality. Therefore, PMI makes sure that you stay informed and prepared for developments in the market as well as best practices. You and the projects you are working on would benefit from this. This is the reason why PDU is mandatory.

Let’s understand the Pro’s of earning a PDU

Online/Digital Mode: The best of both worlds can be found in online or digital media, where you can work at your own leisure and get all the information you require. With this online or digital media option, you can opt Earn 60 PDUs at once! The greatest thing is still to come: there are no restrictions on time, speed, place, or date. This is a goldmine since you may earn all 60 of your PDUs from one provider for a very affordable fee. Isn’t that a fantastic opportunity that you wouldn’t want to miss?

As per your preference: This training is perfect whether you are a night owl or a morning person! Moreover, since it is accessible around the clock, you never miss a class.  not rely on other people or their level of comprehension. You are your own boss!

As per your schedule: If you choose to obtain PMI PDUs online, you may do so whenever you like and whatever quickly or slowly you prefer. You will be able to obtain PDU credits in the most practical manner with the help of the 60 PDU bundle offered by some training providers. You finish more courses when you have more time, and the opposite is also true.

Anytime, anyplace: Even if you are traveling or in a distant place, you are still able to participate in PDU events. As long as you have an internet connection and a computer with a browser, you can do it wherever and anywhere you choose.

Last but not least, Cost-effective: The 60 PDU package given by training providers is fairly affordable, so your PMP Renewal PDU won’t put a strain on your pocket.

When you compare the cost of PDU to what you paid for PMP certification, you may obtain them for less than $100, which is a great deal.

You have therefore hit the jackpot with this tempting offer to save money and effort while providing you with convenience for a little cost.

Utilizing digital media at your convenience will allow you to gain PDU. For each part, PMI has specified a minimum number of PDUs that must be reported.

In conclusion, there are various ways to earn PDUs, but the simplest is to sign up for the whole 60 PDU package, which eliminates any other hassles and frees up your time so you may pursue other professional goals and make the most of your certification.

Now Let’s understand the con’s you face while earning a PDU

Not giving proper time: One of the major problems working professionals face after earning a PMP certification is not maintaining a proper schedule for PDU.  This may lead to problems if you do not earn enough PDU to maintain your pmp certification. If during your CCR cycle you do not accumulate sufficient PDU credits, you will initially be placed in suspended status for a maximum of twelve months. Your accreditation will expire if you don’t finish the renewal process before your suspended status expires.

Suspended Status: You have up to a year after being placed in Suspended Status to obtain the required PDUs and finish the certification renewal procedure. You are not permitted to utilize your certification designation or identify yourself as a certification holder during this time.

Expiration Date: If you don’t obtain enough PDUs and renew your certification during the twelve-month suspension term, your PMI credential will expire. When this occurs, you will completely lose your certification and no longer be regarded as a PMI certificate holder.

You will need to start over if you wish to reapply for the same PMI certification. In other words, you have to start over with a fresh application, pay the necessary costs again, and take the certification test.

Retired Status and Exceptions: Due to circumstances like active duty in the military, ill physical or mental health, or family leave, some PMI credential holders might not be able to finish the CCR program within the three-year cycle. If any of these apply to you, you might be able to ask PMI for a longer deadline.

If you have temporarily or permanently left the field of project management, you can also apply for retired status rather than letting your certification lapse. In this scenario, you must send a formal request to PMI in order to obtain instructions and a form to fill out.


All certification holders must obtain PDU credits for their professional development activities in order to keep their qualifications, according to PMI. Maintaining a PMI credential shows the certificate holder is staying up to date with best practices and fresh advancements in project management through ongoing education.

So are you ready to maintain your certification by earning the PDUs then check out ProThoughts Online Training, free webinars, and Live sessions and  get started now.

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