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Success Story by Hritika Hariani



I am Hritika Hariani, working as AVP & Chief IT Projects Manager with one Insurance giant (IT

department). In my 21 years of career, I have worked mostly with IT giants. I am PMP certified.

Idea of DASSM certification:

During 2020, I was looking to upgrade myself & while researching I came through DASM certification, which I felt was for Junior resources & to get DASSM certification it was required. After a year or so, DASM was not required & that’s where I decided to go with DASSM certification. For ProThoughts, no second thought, my PMP journey with ProThoughts was successful & so this was fixed.

Mandatory Training & Preparation:

As soon as I decided to go for certification & immediately reached out to ProThoughts. As usual, the team was very helpful & patient in providing all the details & explaining the process & procedures. I enrolled myself for the June 22 batch. Mr. Ashish Sadekar is an excellent mentor & clears the concept from core. Study material, mind maps, color cards provided & under his guidance, it was easy to sail through preparation. To test our knowledge, there are 4 mock tests provided by ProThoughts & 1 mock test on PMI – Lochoice.


Once I was prepared ( & felt I am over studying now), I decided to go for the exam. The mock tests had given me enough confidence. After fixing the exam, we have only 24 hrs to appear for it. However, I immediately gave the exam on 8th September 2022 & cleared in 1st attempt. All the instructions & trial videos are played before the exam. Only thing we have to do is RELAX & BE CONFIDENT.

TIPS to Success:

➢ Read the slides & study material provided by ProThoughts

➢ Read the study material provided by PMI Lochoice

➢ Read Choose Your WoW

➢ Give all the mock tests provided by ProThoughts. Read the explanation for wrong answers

➢ Repeat the test if required.

Thanks Mr. Ashish Sadekar & ProThoughts for making my DASSM journey successful.

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