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Professional Development Units (PDU) Category Structure: What You Should Know


The hunt for professional development units (PDUs) is an important responsibility for many certified Project Management Professionals. Of course, PMPs are not against learning. Instead, it’s because they are so preoccupied with executing their duties that they forget about the deadline for obtaining the necessary number of PMP PDUs to renew their certification. This usually results in a hectic search for qualifying learning events across the digital environment, followed by yet another commitment to skip the next three-year cycle. 

PMI PDUs are useful; they allow you to keep track of your education and demonstrate that you keep up with developments in your profession. You can learn them in a variety of ways, including through regular academic programs and online training. However, what do PDUs mean and where can you find them? Want to know, Let’s learn more about it with the help of this blog.

PDU Explained:

Let’s start with the abbreviation before getting into the explanation of PDUs. Professional Development Unit is what it stands for. To put it another way, it’s a means to gauge your professional development.

A PDU can help you keep your certification up to date. Maintaining certification requires staying current with changes in any discipline. Obtaining PDUs is a means to demonstrate to a potential employer or client that you’ve kept up with changes in your field and that your certification isn’t taking up space on a shelf.

Why is PMP PDU important?

What happens if you don’t stay up to date with industry trends for project managers? You may get out of date and be less effective. Therefore, PMI makes sure that you stay informed and prepared for developments in the market as well as best practices. You and the projects you are working on would benefit from this.

How To Complete the PDU Hours?

Yes, the following query is how to obtain pmp pdus. Let’s explore the numerous ways you can choose to complete PDU hours.  You have a plethora of options from PMI to Earn PDUs so you can keep the credential you’ve worked so hard to earn! Let’s know how?

Earning PDUs is possible in several ways. Here are some strategies you can use to remain active.

1- Project Manager

ProThoughts provide free project management training that qualifies for PDUs if you hold a project management certification. Our online training videos are a useful tool whether you’re trying to gain extra continuing education credits, interested in project management, or seeking certification.

2-  Persistent Education

There is no reason why you can’t find the time to participate in continuing education; it can be done one-on-one or in a more conventional group format, either on-site or online. There are e-learning classes, courses of study offered by educational institutions, and educational events hosted by regional chapters of the Project Management Institute (PMI). Even self-directed learning is an option if you require convenience.

3- Contributing to the Industry- Giving Back

By imparting the knowledge you’ve gained as a manager, you can help people break into the field by providing those skills and expertise. You could, for instance, work as a practitioner in the field you studied. You might write articles outlining fresh information and sources for the general public and other professionals. At a conference or other professional event, share what you know. Even outside of your employer and client, you might provide your talents as a volunteer.

Prepare for Your PMI PDUs

After receiving certification, one thing you should avoid doing is to leave it until the last minute to obtain the PMI PDUs credit, necessary to maintain your certification. If you’re a PMP, for instance, you must obtain 60 PDUs every three years to keep your certification active. You cannot possibly fit that in at the last moment.

Create a plan, follow the same steps you would do for any project, and automate alerts to keep you on track. You can do this using existing project management software or setting reminders on your phone. Just make it simple. You want the notifications to serve as a reminder rather than vanishing into thin air. If you’d prefer, certain companies who provide PDUs to have the tools in place to handle this for you then you can go for that too. 

Education is a process, just like project management. The certification or degree is only the beginning. Technology and innovation-spurring techniques will always improve, leaving those who are foolish enough to adopt a complacent attitude behind. Thus, by reading this blog you might have got a clear idea of  PMP Renewal PDUs and how to earn it. Keep a goal in mind and work on it with determination. Best wishes!

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