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How ProThoughts Helped Me to Achieve PMP Certification



I am Keshan Rughoobur with an IT background good leadership skills and around 16 years of working experience. Currently working as Deputy Head of IT at the BCP Bank (Mauritius) and among my responsibilities is the management of our current IT infrastructure, management and deployment of new IT projects, and so forth. Just after completing my MBA (Innovation and Leadership), I opted for the PMP certification since this specialization course will help me to fill the gaps in Project Management.

After comparing different companies providing PMP certification training and support, it ended up having ProThoughts into the picture. I have contacted ProThoughts and FinanoTech, its local partner, where I can admit that I was fully supported in terms of all information and requirements towards the journey of being PMP certified. As such I passed the PMP certification, at the first sitting, on 22-Dec-2022 with an ‘Above target’ rating in the 3 categories which are People, Process, and Business Environment.

Allow me to provide you with some good insights into the PMP Certification:

Before Starting the Course/Training:

  • I’ll suggest that you plan and fix the dates to complete the PMP. From starting the training, and attempting the mock exams till the real exam date.
  • In general, as per my planning (taking into consideration the no. of hours you can dedicate DAILY to prepare/study/practice) it took me around 4 months to complete the PMP certification.
  • Go through the exam outlines and requirements. Read some PMP materials such that you can ask questions during the training sessions.
  • Get your PMP membership – this will allow you to access lots of materials like PMBOK books, Agile guides, practice questions, etc.

Take the 35 Hours Course with ProThoughts:

  • Start the course and take full advantage of the materials, exam tips, and exam practice, ask as many questions as possible you want to ask the trainer, etc.
  • Go through Rita Mulcahy’s book (latest edition) which you can buy as part of the course package from ProThoughts.
  • Going through the book will enable you to better understand the concepts during the training sessions.
  • After the 35h course, you are eligible to sit for the exam.

After the 35 Hours Course with ProThoughts:

  1. Rest assured that after the training, ProThoughts is not over with you. I can confirm this.
  2. You will continue to have support with chat groups, ProThoughts Linkedin group, etc…. where topics can be discussed and clarified.
  3. So, guys…the real hard work should come from your side. Your success will depend on how dedicated you are to achieving the PMP.
  • So you have to go through the book Rita Mulcahy – this is the best book I have seen for PMP.
  • You can reference the PMBOK book as well.
  • Go through the Agile Guide since questions in the exam are oriented towards Agile concepts as well.
  • Practice all questions from Rita Mulcahy’s book….the questions are good to understand the topics.
  1. Once you are over with the books/questions…..schedule and time-bound all the mock exams that are included in the package from ProThoughts.
  2. Take the PMP Mock Exam 1 – You must go through all the mock exam question explanations, review the questions that you have wrongly answered, check explanations in books, etc.
  3. Take other PMP Mock Exams and you need to score above 70% to consider yourselves ready to sit for the real exam. You need to review all the explanations for all the mock exams.
  4. Use the available support from ProThoughts – they will really help.
  5. For all the mock exams, you have to time-bound yourself. Approximately you will have 1.2 mins per question. So, you have to read well, understand the question, apply all your knowledge and select the best answer.
  6. Once ready for the real exam, schedule your exam date. I propose a Pearson Vue test center.

The Big Exam Day:

  • Reach the exam center well in advance such that you are at ease with the environment.
  • The real exam should not be stressful if you have well time bound your mocks, you have well-prepared all topics, you are at ease with all the PMP formulas and so forth.
  • Start the exam and apply all the knowledge you have been practicing.
  • On a personal note, I see it as complex to mark questions and come back again to the marked questions. Therefore, you must select the best answer in one go.
  • Do take the 2 short breaks during the exam – this will give you some time to empower yourself.
  • Finish and submit the exam.
  •  If you Pass – Congrats!!
  • If you Fail – just remember failure is one of the steps toward success.

To summarise, ProThoughts is the training institution that will support and provide you with all the kinds of stuff required to pass the exam. But as said, the real hard work should come from your side.  

If you are interested in enrolling for Project Management Certification, contact their support team(+ 91-9137309091) or you can just simply drop a message on Whatsapp which will guide you properly. 

You can do it!!

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