Enough Reasons now. ProThoughts is now a proven brand with so many customer stories and testimonies. ProThoughts has been featured in top journals such as Economic Times, CIO Review etc for the work they have done.

One of the top reasons why ProThoughts stands out in the crowd is due to the passion the team. We love what we do and that shows in the work we do. ProThoughts exclusively focuses on the project management space and provides different solutions to the project management community. When we are providing a solution, our “skin is in the game” and we deliver with utmost guarantee. Our customer satisfaction feedback has been one of the highest in the last 60 months of existence and that’s what we aim for – A Happy customer who takes the wealth of project management back to their workplace.

ProThoughts primarily has 4 differentiators

  • Superior Content
  • Awesome Experts
  • Game Based Interactive Methodology
  • High Responsiveness to customer queries

We live by the above and we are here because of our customer. Our existence is centred around the customer and we continue to strive for the customer value generation.

Come and experience the ProThoughts way of delivery !

In-House Instructors

Our team of consultants brings decades of experience in Project Management. Their professional experience as Project Managers increases the practical quotient of the course. Our philosophy is to apply the knowledge of the project management learnt in real life projects and make the certification a by product.

Superior Material

With the best in-house instructors, we provide superior study material. For our Project Management For Professional PMP® SUCCESS™ Exam Preparatory course, we gear you with Rita Mulcahy – Exam Prep 8th Edition from RMC and Project Insight, a software tool to work on real projects in classrooms. Besides that, we offer 100++ Flash cards, Game – based interactive unique learning methodology, Free Counselling, Pro-metric simulation tests environment to succeed in your certifications.

Unique Approach

We believe in providing solutions and solutions differ in different situations. Every ProThoughts program is designed to inspire innovative thinking and insightful action. Our case-study and tool based learnings are customized to the needs of the participant/organization, to help them respond effectively to challenges of the job. The game based interactive nature of our sessions encourages active participation, retention and motivates them to go beyond the given. We train managers for real life challenges and not just a test paper solution.

Project Management Institute PMI® (USA) Certified Training Programs

Our course content and methodology is been reviewed and approved as a provider of project management training.Participating in our programs is one of the simplest ways of earning PDUs, essential to maintain an active certification status.

High Benefit/Cost Ratio

Majority of our participants clear the PMP® certification exam in their first attempt – and the qualitative increase in performance more than justifies the training costs incurred by participating organizations or individuals. All programs are designed to give organizations and individuals value for their money. Investment in ProThoughts programs does not cost, it pays.

Project Management Experts

We position ourselves as experts to help you with every aspect of project management and we are equipped to provide you with the right skills, right tool(s) and the right advice so that you can get your project right and save costs and time.








ProThoughts is now a Premier PMI Authorized Training Partner