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DASSM Certification Journey by Nagraj Bhat


DASSM Success Story

I have been working in customer service, technical support, and digital marketing for the last 17 years. The core functional responsibility was on the process excellence aspect for continuous improvement. The companies I have been associated with were 24/7 Customer, C3i Solutions, Virtusa Consulting, and EY GDS.

Agile has fascinated me and DASSM from PMI was a huge draw. The mindset, goals, and philosophy of the course/practice are unparallel.

ProThoughts Solutions was one of the choices, however, the fixation to the center was for its content and subject expertise. Ashish Sadekar’s passion is evident in his training and coaching. 

How Long did you Study for the DASSM Exam?

The roadmap for the DASSM exam was laid out in the course content. Roughly spanning a month, each week has its own set of items to be covered post-training.

The content from PMI and Prothoughts is comprehensive and exhaustive. DASSM Mock Tests and the feedback over the same will help one to understand the concepts to fill in the gaps.

I followed the instructions and approximately a month after training, attended the examination.

What was the biggest struggle when preparing for the DASSM exam?

None in particular. The temptation to study “Choose your WoW” more than once is something to watch out for. One can stick to the PMI materials and video from ProThoughts.

How was the quality of DASSM training materials?

Straight to the point and covering the essentials needed for a team leader. Mind maps, workbooks, mock tests/feedback, and training videos are total and complete.

How similar were the questions in the real DASSM certification exam when you considered the DASSM certification exam questions in ProThoughts’ materials?

The mock test does offer a close enough assessment to the final examination. Memorization is not advised, rather the understanding of the concepts will help anyone to attain the certification.

How many sample questions did you practice before the exam?

All four mock papers at least thrice and Disciplined Agile Knowledge Check(DAKC) at the ProThoughts site.

How was the support you received throughout the training?

ProThoughts has been commendable right from the inquiry stage till the day of the schedule. All technical issues, FAQs on the course, and assistance in filing have been honored with appreciable timelines.

My Tips to Pass This Exam

  • The Study guide, prework read and videos at LMS are all that one needs for the examination.
  •  “Choose your Wow” book is a one-time read, however, one needs to be aware of the process blades, the spread of the process goals, and Value stream essentials.
  • Mock tests are to be properly recorded on the misses and note-taking is important.
  • Measuring the time taken for the mock test and progress made each time with scores has to be tracked for self-assessment.
  • Not to overread and overthink as advised during training is a wise phrase to remember.

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