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What is the process to get PMI’s Disciplined Agile Certification?


Ok then! You have understood what it takes to become a Disciplined Agile Scrum Master – so, what’s next???

This last part of this content series will help you understand the process to apply and acquire for your DASM certification.

Step 1: Understand the pre-requisites

If you follow our content series, you will have got a strong base of what it will take to acquire your DASM certification. 

As emphasized by PMI, no agile experience is required – this is an introductory training and certification built to educate you on agile and lean fundamentals and the Disciplined Agile tool kit with skills to immediately apply what you have learned.

For more information, you can always log on to PMI’s website: 


Step 2: Register for the training & Enrol with the PMI’s ATP partner.

You will then need to take a 2-day training from a PMI Authorized Training Partner (ATP). Your certification fees are included in your training fees.

List of partners can be found here: 


Step 3: Register to Disciplined Agile via your ATP

Once you complete your 2-day training with ATP, the ATP will ask for some of your details and submit the same to Disciplined Agile. Within 3-4 days or so, you will receive an email from the DA consortium (DAC) about your account being successfully created and some additional tips and tools to clear DA exam, along with info on DA certification roadmap.

As the certification fees are included with tuition fees, you will receive a CODE which you can use to take your exam, without any additional payment. This code is unique for each enrollment and usable ONCE ONLY. You will be charged the retest fee of $150 USD for each and every additional attempt.

You will also receive a “Certificate of Completion” from PMI and DAC, as you have successfully completed the 2-day training workshop.

Step 4: Taking the test

In the mail which DAC sends as mentioned above, you will receive a PDF which will have the test link for the exam.

A basic requirement is to ensure the pop-up blocker is turned off for your browser!

The DASM test is 50 questions with a 60-minute time limit. You must achieve 70% to pass the test.

Upon passing the test, within 5 business days, your CDA designation should appear on your profile

Step 5: DA Roadmap

PMI offers different levels of certifications, from a beginner level to the highest level of expertise in DA.

In Japanese, it is called Shu-Ha-Ri. The “Shu” is the one who follows the rules – the Beginner and Disciplined Agile gives the DASM certification for the same (Disciplined Agile Scrum Master). Now that you have achieved “Shu”, you can move on to “Ha” and later to “Ri”.

The “Ha” is the one who tries to make his own rules as he attains the mastery – The Intermediate. And Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master (DASSM) is the certification for the same.

And the Ri- The Master where you can do Disciplined Agile Coach (DAC) and Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant (DAVSC), which are yet to commence.

We hope this content series was useful to you and will help you in your DA journey.

Good luck!! As one of the principles of Disciplined Agile, Be Awesome!

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