Disciplined Agile® Coach (DAC) Certification

Disciplined Agile Coach (DAC) is one of the two ultimate certifications in the Disciplined Agile journey. It is designed to make you an Agile Coach who can help enterprises achieve true Agility. As a Coach, you will be the expert authority to consult on Disciplined Agile and choose the best way of working (WoW).The Disciplined Agile Coach certification gives you the ammunition to coach teams at an organizational level with your Disciplined Agile knowledge and experience.

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Course Details

Disciplined Agile Coach (DAC) certification is the ultimate milestone in the Disciplined Agile journey. It is a testament to your perseverance in the Disciplined Agile Roadmap laid out by PMI. The DA roadmap starts from Disciplined Agile Scrum Master (DASM) – the preliminary course that clears your foundations. It ends with two master-level certifications – Disciplined Agile Coach (DAC) and Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant (DAVSC). In these series of courses, you solidify your knowledge of the Disciplined Agile Toolkit. Simultaneously you hone the skills to lead teams across the enterprise.

PMI’s Disciplined Agile Coach (DAC) is the most popular path Agile practitioners take. This is because the Disciplined Agile Coach (DAC) certification course gives you the skills to lead a team and interdependent teams effectively. Moreover, this prestigious course inculcates the key skill to navigate through different priorities and preferred agile ways of working (WoWs) of the teams. Thus, a skilled Disciplined Agile Coach is capable of guiding their team on how to apply Disciplined Agile and choose the best way of working for them. Therefore, by getting DAC-certified you gain the necessary ammunition to help your organization achieve true agility!

The Project Management Institute (PMI) recognizes ProThoughts as a Disciplined Agile Partner and a Premier Authorized Training Partner (ATP). The DAC workshop by ProThoughts is an engaging, game-based, interactive training session with lots of activities to keep you interested. Our 2-day Disciplined Agile Coach (DAC) weekend workshop uses standard PMI courseware as well as our carefully curated Supplementary Slidebook, Flashcards, and Mind-maps. We also provide 2 DAC Mock Tests on our PROmock LMS platform for you to be 100% prepared for the DAC Certification exam set by PMI.

Disciplined Agile Coach (DAC) Certification: Under 1 Minute!

Watch this video by Mr. Ashish Sadekar, one of the top 10 people across the globe to get DAC-certified and achieve the Disciplined Agile Coach status. In the video, he covers the essence of the coveted certification offered by PMI in under a minute: 

Who Is This Course For?

The Disciplined Agile Coach (DAC) certification course is for those seasoned professionals who want to step to the ultimate level of Agility. This course enables you to guide teams and help them solve problems using the Disciplined Agile Toolkit. By doing so, the Agile Coach shall develop the most suitable Way of working for the teams, interdependent teams, and thereby the organization. Disciplined Agile is agnostic and doesn’t limit itself to a certain field like software or IT. So, if you’re someone with three years of agile coaching experience in any field be it in manufacturing, software, procurement, etc., then Disciplined Agile Coach is a suitable upskilling option for you.

What Is A Disciplined Agile Coach?

A Disciplined Agile Coach is a member of the transformation team who coaches teams across the enterprise on how to apply Disciplined Agile and choose the best way of working. With their extensive knowledge of the Disciplined Agile Toolkit and their commendable experience in its implementation, they help organizations achieve true agility. A Disciplined Agile Coach knows how to align teams with organizational strategies and goals to enable agile transformation. They go beyond standard software development practices and set agile frameworks. Instead, a Disciplined Agile Coach considers hundreds of practices to tailor a strategy that suits their teams the best. They solely focus on the choices that must be made, the available solutions, and the trade-offs that must be considered to accelerate process improvement.

Why Disciplined Agile For Agile Coaches?

An Agile Coach is a skilled professional who leads the path to scaling agile practices across departments and achieving enterprise agility. For this, the Agile Coach should be aware of which practice is exactly suitable for the business at hand. Implementing the “industry-best” practice that is ill-fitting to the situation could hamper the agile transformation. This is why Disciplined Agile is the best choice for Agile Coaches, regardless of their niche.

4 reasons why as an Agile Coach, you should be interested in leveling up to a Disciplined Agile Coach:

  1. Extend your knowledge base: Disciplined Agile goes beyond a single approach. You learn to apply hundreds of practices. Hence, you are better capable of guiding your teams and solving their problems.
  2. Become method-agnostic: Disciplined Agile does not prescribe a few best practices, as we mentioned before. The toolkit is not just limited to agile and consists of traditional practices as well as lean project management techniques. So, you become truly agnostic.
  3. Work across the enterprise, not just IT: DA can be applied to all departments of an organization, and not just software development. You can coach for finance, enterprise architecture, value streams, security, and many more sections.
  4. Distinguish yourself from other Agile Coaches: Most coaches are limited to Scrum or SAFe for agile scaling. You gain an edge over them with your solid foundational knowledge of the DA toolkit, and a certification to back you up.

Disciplined Agile Coach

Therefore, the DAC Certification makes you a Super Coach than just a coach. It provides you with a superpower in the form of a Disciplined Agile toolkit to scale agile across your organization in the best way possible. Hence, Disciplined Agile businesses produce value more quickly, reach markets faster, and have happy customers.

Pre-requisites For The Disciplined Agile Coach Certification

A three-year experience in agile coaching is necessary. Previously, the DASSM certification was a prerequisite for the Disciplined Agile Coach certification. However, since October 2023, this eligibility barrier has been ruled out.

One frequently asked question we get is: Is it possible to pass the Disciplined Agile exam without finishing the training workshop? To answer that simply, no. You do need to undergo the complete 2-day training to be eligible to take the exam. It could be either an instructor-led or on-demand training session. This professional training program is intended to help agile team leaders, and managers lead their teams more effectively and make the most of the Disciplined Agile toolkit. Moreover, the eligibility code required to schedule your exam is provided after the workshop is finished. So yes, the training is mandatory to take the Disciplined Agile Coach exam.

How To Become A Certified Disciplined Agile Coach (DAC)?

The following are the steps to obtain the PMI DAC Certification:

  • Enroll in a two-day Disciplined Agile Coach Training from a PMI Authorized Training Partner.
  • Attend the workshop and on completion, register for the DAC exam. Your exam fee will be included in the tuition fee for the workshop.
  • Join the PMI Community Of Practice group, where you can study and discuss with like-minded professionals.
  • Using the eligibility code you get from PMI, schedule your Agile Coach Certification Exam. All DAC exams are given online via the Pearson VUE testing platform.
  • Take the Disciplined Agile Coach Exam consisting of 60 multiple-choice questions.
  • Exam results are made available right away once you finish the test. You can view it by selecting “View Score Reports” from your Pearson Vue Dashboard. The exam score report shows your result as a Pass or Fail.
  • After passing the exam, you are officially a Certified Disciplined Agile Coach.

The Disciplined Agile Coach certification badge is valid for 1 year. It can be renewed upon expiry.

Disciplined Agile Coach Certification Workshop Details:

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn How to Coach Teams;
  2. Incorporating and implementing a disciplined Agile toolkit to achieve agility in the organization;
  3. Focus on culture changes and understanding the soft nature of organizations;
  4. Learn techniques and tools to coach teams.

Pre-workshop (Phase 1, asynchronous learning):

  • The Disciplined Agile Coach;
  • Working toward the end goals of DA coaching;
  • Supporting change at the individual, team, and group of teams;
  • Coaching teams within the context of their organization;
  • Coaching teams through their transformation journey.

Workshop (Phase 2, in-class learning):

  • The DA Mindset;
  • Working with your existing governance/PMO team;
  • Identifying challenges and competencies;
  • Determining improvement opportunities;
  • Working with the improvement backlog;
  • Creating a coaching playbook;
  • Implementing guided continuous improvement (GCI);
  • Visualizing and removing impediments;
  • Supporting diversity in the workplace;
  • Guiding teams through the change process
  • Overcoming barriers to decision-making;
  • Working with external teams – GCI across disparate teams;
  • Helping your organization develop needed capacity.

Disciplined Agile Coach Examination Details:

The Disciplined Agile Coach exam is an online proctored test on the Pearson VUE platform. There will be 60 multiple-choice questions in the exam. No pre-test questions are included for the DAC test.

The total duration of the exam is 150 minutes, which includes an initial disclosure and tutorial, and a post-exam survey. Here is the time distribution of the Disciplined Agile Coach Exam:

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA): 5 Minutes
  • Tutorial: 10 Minutes
  • Exam Duration: 120 Minutes
  • Post-exam Survey: 15 Minutes
  • Total Time: 150 Minutes

The 3-hour examination period does not include the time needed to finish the tutorial and survey. Also, there are no scheduled breaks during the DAC exam.

The estimated passing score for PMI’s Disciplined Agile Coach exam is 70%. You have 3 attempts within a 12-month period to clear the exam. If you fail to do so, you have to wait for 45 days, until you get to apply and be eligible again. At ProThoughts, we encourage you to schedule your exam only when you are 100% sure of your preparation so that you clear the exam on the first try.

What Are The Learning Outcomes Of The DAC Training Course?

  • Learn how to bring about agile transformation by aligning teams with organizational strategies and goals. 
  • Discover how to facilitate culture change within and across teams.
  • Learn to coach disparate teams and groups of teams, with different priorities and preferred WoWs. Also, identify the most appropriate WoW, given their context.
  • Collaborate with the organization’s core transformation team.
  • Be the expert in the Disciplined Agile toolkit and accelerate process improvement.
  • Earn a valuable, credible certification by passing the Disciplined Agile Coach (DAC) exam.

About Disciplined Agile Coach Workshop By ProThoughts

ProThoughts is currently the only one in all of Asia, the Middle East, and Africa to offer the DAC and DAVSC certifications. Ashish Sadekar, who will be the trainer for your batch, is one of the top 10 professionals to get DAC-certified. Moreover, he is one of the first certified instructors for Disciplined Agile Coach certification. With him leading your classes, you can rest assured that you will clear your DAC exam right away and achieve the prestigious Disciplined Agile Coach certification.

The ProThoughts DAC workshop is a game-based, interactive training session with lots of engaging activities. With our 2-day Disciplined Agile Coach (DAC) Weekend workshop, you will gain the skills you need to bring enterprise agility to your workplace as well as ace the DAC Certification exam set by PMI.

What Do We Offer For Your DAC Training?

Just like our other Agile certifications, you get access to standard PMI courseware for the Disciplined Agile Coach certification. In addition, ProThoughts provides unique courseware which includes:

  • 2 DAC Mock Tests on the PROmock LMS platform
  • Supplementary Slidebook
  • Flashcards
  • Exam Tips and Guidelines
  • Mind-maps

As part of our post-training support program, we provide our candidates with a well-organized exam plan. We know that pre-exam doubts are a natural thing and it is vital to clear them. Therefore, until you get certified, your instructor will be available to clear all your doubts. It is our goal at ProThoughts to help you clear your Disciplined Agile Coach Certification Exam on the first try.  So take this exclusive Disciplined Agile Coach (DAC) Course Training and understand how to align your teams with the organization’s strategies and goals.

Become the pioneer of Agile adoption and Agile transformation by getting DAC-certified this year!

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"We provide renowned study materials like Rita Mulcahy's PMP Exam Prep, WOW Book, etc. We also offer Flash Cards, Mind Maps,and Online Mock tests"


"We stress learning the concepts more than rote learning, and we do so by our uniquely designed methodology where we focus on the topics using fun teaching paradigms"


"Our Instructors are zealous experts in Project Management. They give their full-time devotion to teaching at ProThoughts and have a key focus on one thing only – getting you certified."


"We guide you in your certification journey with Mock exam analysis, a F2F concept clearing session with experts, exam simulation support, PMI audit, Application form filling assistance"


"We ensure that you will clear the certification exams in your first attempt on adhering to the guidelines conveyed by ProThoughts. Check our Terms & Conditions for more information."


"Grab the exclusive Mega Pass and access recorded sessions for up to 6 Months and access PDF material of our E-learning portal for free for a year and never miss a session!"


3 Years of Agile Coaching experience. To advance your knowledge of the Disciplined Agile Toolkit and to direct teams to effectively apply it, some experience in the leadership role is necessary. PMI has set the bar at 3 years of Agile Coaching Experience. With your knowledge and experience added to the Disciplined Agile Coach training, you will become a formidable agile coach! For any queries about your eligibility and to get a personalized response: Reach Out To Us

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July Batch (2 Days Weekend) – DAC Online Training Workshop

  • Date : 20th & 21st July 2024
    Time: Sat and Sun - 5:30 to 11:30 pm IST

Check with our Consultant for

1. Free Career guidance
2. If you are eligible to apply for the Certification
3. Avail best offers available

Contact: Mr. Siddhant Bitla

WhatsApp us: +91-8422907604
Email id : [email protected]


Burj Residences Tower 7

Apartment no 2401, Tower 8, Burj Residences, Downtown, Dubai 11330
Dubai - United Arab Emirates

September Batch (2 Days Weekend) – DAC Online Training Workshop

  • Date : 21st & 22nd Sept 2024
    Time: Sat and Sun - 5:30 to 11:30 pm IST

Check with our Consultant for

1. Free Career guidance
2. If you are eligible to apply for the Certification
3. Avail best offers available

Contact: Mr. Siddhant Bitla

WhatsApp us: +91-8422907604
Email id : [email protected]


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Mahesh MohananMahesh Mohanan
13:35 16 Jun 24
Shrey SharmaShrey Sharma
13:26 16 Jun 24
Excellent classroom experience regarding instructor commitment to clear doubts and teach correctly.
Kanagaraj PKanagaraj P
12:44 16 Jun 24
12:04 16 Jun 24
The sessions are really informative and the trainer is well versed in the PMP content. Trainer is very patient and clears all doubts. Will definitely recommend.
Deepak DSaDeepak DSa
10:55 16 Jun 24
prasad bondreprasad bondre
10:53 16 Jun 24
It is an enriching experience, trainer Mr.Saurabh, explains generic as well as domain specific concepts very well to all , including people from other discipline . The example and games played are infotainment in true sense.Also trainer is motivating for all to participate Certification exam
Nazim ShaikhNazim Shaikh
15:42 12 May 24
Great experience under the teaching of Mr. Saurabh Parikh. He covers the topic and framework of the course in an appreciable way by giving detail examples required for the topic explanation.Apart from sharing knowledge he also very calmly and patiently replies to all the concerns which are in line with the course and outside the framework. A must to have such type of coach/ trainer for offline teaching.
Kaushik PatelKaushik Patel
10:55 28 Apr 24
Very Good offline training provider.Prothought have very good track record.Mr. Saurabh Parikh Sir is very practical knowledgeable trainer. His thoroughl knowledge help us to understand many terminology for PMP preparation.
Lucian pillayLucian pillay
04:24 27 Feb 24
I would highly recommend those looking for an interactive and engaging training facility to contact ProThoughts Solutions. I found it to be an innovative workshop and a comfortable and open environment to share knowledge, experience and ask questions. Mr Kedar is a passionate facilitator and an expert in PMP training.



Three years of agile coaching experience

Any practitioner or expert who wishes to implement Agility or someone who wishes to learn Agility at the highest level. The candidate can be from any domain and cannot be restricted to IT or a particular domain, as long as it fulfills the pre-requisites.

  1. You need to attend the ATP approved training for DAC 
  2. Prepare for the DAC using ProThoughts and PMI material 
  3. Appear for the exam 
  4. You are DAC certified 

The exam is of PMI standards and the syllabus is as per the PMI given material. There will be no question outside the syllabus.

Many organizations have started implementing Disciplined Agile for achieving Agility for their organizations. And there is dire need for the right talent including the Disciplined Agile Coaches. 

With time, we believe the demand will only rise manifold across the world. 

You get access to standard PMI courseware, as you had for the DASSM course. 

Further, Prothoughts provides their own courseware, as they did for DASSM course, which includes and not limited to

  1. 2 DAC Mock Tests on our PROmock platform 
  2. Supplementary Slidebook 
  3. Flashcards 
  4. Exam Tips and Guidelines 
  5. Mind-maps 

The DAC has a SuperpowerJ with the DA toolkit and internalizes the DA mindset. The DA Coach often works with the Enterprise Coach to inculcate the Agility in Enterprise. However, the DA Coach main focus is on a team and the inter-dependencies of the team.

Kindly refer Prothoughts Youtube channel and this webinar 

DAC is focused on teams to help them solve problems and therefore, improve the Way of Working for a team. The DAVSC is focused on the organizational Value stream and transform the organization to Agility.

The DAC is a logical progression from DASSM to achieve mastery in Disciplined Agile

Yes. The DASM, DASSM and DAC are positioned as Shu, Ha and Ri. The beginner, the Intermediate and the Master. With DAC, you achieve the Mastery in Disciplined Agile.

The Disciplined Agile Coach certification is “An activity based certification” or “practical certification”. Most of the PMI certifications had theory, or guidelines, or framework, etc. However, the DAC certification tells you about a problem and the team needs to employ the toolkit to solve the problems.

And this approach helps the students to adopt the toolkit in their workplace and as a DAC take the tool-kit to solve complex problems and improve the Ways of Working.

The DAC is a Master level certification from Disciplined Agile. It is a natural progression from DASSM certification to make you a master in Disciplined Agile. The DAC certification workshop is a first step towards the same.

We would urge you to refer the webinar by John Munro and Ashish Sadekar.

Today organizations need Coaches rather than Scrum Masters who can improve the Ways of Working for a team. The whole Disciplined Agile certification is positioned to make you a Coach than a Scrum Master.

The Trainer for the Disciplined Agile Coach Certification will be Ashish Sadekar. Ashish has been the 1st certified DAC from India and has been revered coach and trainer for many years. He is also the 1st DAC instructor from India and one of his missions is to inculcate Agility and develop Coaches to improve the Way of Working for teams and organizations. He and Prothoughts closely collaborate with PMI India and PMI Global for Disciplined Agile.

You can listen to his Prod-cast here and get more insights on Disciplined Agile.

We request to join the Linkedin group – this is 2nd largest group on Disciplined Agile and focused on certifications and Disciplined Agile

The DAC exam is structured in the following way. If you wish to have more details, pl visit to download the report.

The DAC workshop will be a 3 day duration workshop and will involve a pragmatic learning with full of activities with Prothoughts Game based Interactive learning.

Upon completion of the three-day course, candidates are admitted into the exclusive DAC Community of Practice, which provides additional learning, exam preparation opportunities, and the DAC Case Study

Candidates will become eligible to register for the DAC exam upon completion of the DAC course. All DAC exams are delivered online through our testing partner, Pearson Vue.

You require 3 years of Agile experience to record in the Agile experience section of the application.

Enter your experience beginning with the most recent. The application will automatically calculate the total months from the start date to finish. Overlapping experience entries will not be calculated as separate entries. You will be prompted to complete the following fields: · Project/Product Name

  • Organization
  • Job Title
  • Functional Reporting Area
  • Organization Primary Focus
  • Team Size
  • Agile Methodology
  • Experience Description (high-level description summarizing the experience, including outcome, role, responsibilities, and deliverables – typical response: 200-500 words)

It takes approximately 5 business days to process the application.

PS: This processing timeframe does not apply if your application has been selected for PMI’s audit process

The DAC certification is valid for one year and can be renewed by earning & reporting 7 PDUs related to agile content and submitting the annual renewal fee.

ProThoughts help in earning your PDUs – kindly refer the PDU policy and ways to earn the PDUs 

Renewing your DAC Certification will require a payment based on membership and regional pricing PMI currently support U.S. dollar, euro, Brazilian real (BRL), and Indian rupee (INR) currencies.

Every student is given 3 attempts to clear the exam. You have a period of 1 year from the date of approval to clear the DAC exam

The DAC workshop covers the cost of 1 exam attempt.

If you need to retake the exam, and your eligibility period is still current, you may do so by submitting the reexam fee by accessing your candidate MyPMI profile on PMI.org.

PMI has the sole discretion to change the exam pattern. For the latest updates connect with our sales consultant.


Agile Transformation is a radical change in an organization's way of working to reflect the Agile Mindset. The goal is to be nimble, foster innovation, empower teams and thereby generate quality outputs. Here are the steps to achieve it!

What does the PMP vs Agile Debate look like after the introduction of Disciplined Agile? PMI included Agile in the current PMP syllabus, and launched DA at the same time too. Is PMP enough for Agile knowledge? Is DA redundant? Read the blog to find out!

Businesses today place a lot of emphasis on disruption and innovation due to the rapidly changing business environment. Measures like adaptability, responsiveness, and continuous learning are employed to assess their efficacy and the growth path that businesses will take. Business agility must be implemented by enterprises throughout all functional areas, not just in the Operations or Delivery divisions. Setting up agile environments at all levels and promoting the benefits it offers to firms as a whole is now essential for executives.

Due to the pressure to produce value quickly and combat cut-throat competition, Agile has become more important than ever. So, an agile certification is a must-have now. Still not certified? We'll give you 5 reasons to earn an Agile certification in 2024 in this blog!

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